How popular Quorans plan their responses

17-12-2015 at 08:06 shouted for Jantie

We may soon have to report on our inadequate correspondence with our new club president. It does not answer namely to the certification that there is nowadays even in the smallest local group. He just doesn't answer! But take a look! Christmas is coming soon! Maybe he's on the way.

When we start an appeal for donations, it is not to make big profits, as the self-proclaimed dog experts do, but to bring us lawsuits from people who simply want to shut us up. All in all, we always do bad things, that is well known, even if there are many who keep promising they will help, but don't do it, but we have never given up anyway. Why not? Because we are always encouraged by the encouragement and because we have a very positive attitude. Every donation, no matter how small, is like a pat on the back. "Jan! You have no idea how many people support you! Can't stop! ”It's like music to my ears. Then I immediately hear the ode to joy! From Beethoven, yes!

The caller asks: “And! How much have you already donated? "

I answer very openly and honestly: “Now? 2! A man and a woman."

There is a man who donates regularly. So in between! Quite spontaneously! I'll call him in the evening, then we'll talk a little longer. I have to thank him very much! That was the case again a few weeks ago. But after the last call it remains silent. Only 2 people responded.

The woman has already donated several times, she is always the first to respond to my appeal. I love her very badly! To do this, she probably has to drop something else, do without something else. But she is convinced that it will help! The man is new, but someone who has been reading along for many years, in the background, and is of the opinion that everything is much, much worse, he could talk for hours from the center of the action and about these great makers. Very bad stories, things that the SV princes allowed themselves. I hope he will. If he can find some time. Many will never cease to be amazed.

Thank you very much for these two donations (and all the others that came in at some point, of course!)! If with thousands of readers every day, only 2 people are willing to support someone who fights for a healthy German Shepherd and a healthy association, shouldn't it be better to give up? I think so! And listen to a little music! I might find some consolation there! And if not, then I look for the coordinates of a tax investigation and file a report, which also helps when the hatred of the criminals in the club is big enough again.

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