How do I stop dreaming

Stop dreaming - live your dreams

Do not say: "Tomorrow I will be fine", "Next year I will do what I feel like doing."

When it came to duties, my mothers used to say: "What you can get today, don't postpone it until tomorrow."

Do not apply this phrase only to the duties and jobs in your life. Follow him when it comes to realizing your personal wishes and dreams.

Get the pair of shoes you want so badly - if you can afford them.

Treat yourself to that weekend in the mountains. Visit the friend or relative abroad who has invited you so often. Go to that expensive restaurant everyone is talking about.

Do you also have cutlery or crockery at home that you only use on very special occasions?

Do you think it would be a shame to use it every day? Who do you want to keep it in good condition for? For your children? Your kids may not like it because they have different tastes.

They may prefer something modern rather than old-fashioned. Your children may auction it off on Ebay or even throw it away. Use it every day.

Make yourself happy with it. Make every meal a feast.

My mother dreamed of visiting Japan from an early age. She felt strangely connected to this country and its people.

At first my parents didn't have the money to afford such an expensive trip. Then I was born and they worked very hard to make me feel better.

Then they built a house and another house and then my father died unexpectedly. When my mother had the time and money to fulfill her dream, she lacks the necessary health.

As I write these lines, I feel sadness rising inside me. It pains me that my parents did everything you do in life and completely forgot about life.

It pains me that my parents lived past life.

But this experience also has a good thing for me. My parents taught me to do it differently. You have helped me organize my life differently.

You save me from having the same experience, because I have firmly resolved to be able to say like Edith Piaf at the end of my life: "I have lived, my lord."

The ancient Egyptians believed that when they died, the god Osiris would ask them two questions:

1. Have you brought joy to others and

2. Did you feel joy

Whether or not one could continue one's journey after death depended on the answers to these two questions.

In order to attain eternal bliss, one had to feel and give joy on earth.

It is just as unsatisfactory to live in the future as to live in the past, just thinking of the good old days: “Everything used to be better and more beautiful. You know what ...?"

At no time have people had it better. There have always been wars, disasters, epidemics, famines, economic and political crises. People have always had personal conflicts and problems.