Jogging good or bad And why

Gaining weight through daily jogging - is that possible?

In stressful situations in particular, we tend to do this quickly Food cravings to expire. In a higher stress situation, the metabolism also slows down a little. Therefore, it can lead to the fact that we expect too much from our body and instead of losing weight, we tend to gain weight.

And if the result of the tough training does not materialize, we automatically feel a bit frustrated - but that is not what we are aiming for. It can quickly happen that we then give up our training completely.

Did you know? Running can be addicting

And that has even been scientifically proven! German researchers have found that our bodies do cardio exercise Happiness hormones pours out that similar to cannabis should work on us. The happiness hormone endorphin is responsible for ensuring that we get a "runner's high". We suddenly feel very good, the pain is numbed and the exertion that we may have felt extremely in the first five minutes disappears thanks to the happiness hormone. The feeling is best to last as long as possible and that is exactly where the problem may lie with some. Some use running as a stress reliever and to free themselves from stressful thoughts and only see a way out in running. So it's no wonder that some of them love to run a lot. But we should really pay attention to our health and not ignore the signals from our body.

This is how many times a week cardio training is really healthy for the body

In order for us to give our body a break from training, it is advisable to do each one day a week to refrain from jogging. The muscles can regenerate and save the information that they have received through training. Anyone who suffers from extreme muscle soreness should listen to the signal from their body and not ignore it. Build in a day when you keep moving - go for a walk in the fresh air or look for a home workout that you can do quite well at home.

Do I have to eat something before jogging?

Everyone has their own opinion on this topic. Depending on whether you jog in the morning or in the evening, a meal has to be pushed ahead in order to have enough energy while jogging, right?

Early risers have to keep this in mind

Those who like to get up early in the morning and incorporate a jogging lap into their morning routine need to increase their energy content a little. This includes a breakfast that is low in fat and protein. So the body would have enough fuel while jogging. It is also important to drink half a liter of water before running. Still water is best to prevent circulatory problems and fluid loss.

Our ideal breakfast before jogging, for example, is a delicious fruit shake that we quickly prepare in the morning with this slow juicer from Panasonic for around 170 euros.

Late risers should take this tip to heart

Even those who prefer to sleep in longer must definitely eat something quickly digestible before jogging. Energy bars are ideal for this, or an espresso with a porridge!

Scientists have been at odds for years on the question, The energy we take in from meals should of course be supplied to us while we jog. This boosts our performance and the circulation. It is important that we consume little carbohydrates, which ensure that our body is not hypoglycemic. Those who do without their food suffer faster from dizzy spells and nausea. This should definitely be prevented.

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