How important are your stabilizer muscles

What does a well-trained core do for you

The "core" refers to the muscles that are involved in holding the upper body in place. the abdominal, back, and hip muscles that are involved in positioning the spine and pelvis. Pelvic stability is the ability of the trunk and pelvic muscles to keep the spine and pelvis in their optimal position during sporting activities.

When these structures are kept in optimal alignment, the muscles and joints of the lower extremities can function efficiently. These play an important role in the coordination of movements. In soccer, not only can core strength affect the athlete's ability to move quickly and change direction quickly, but it is also critical to the ability to win tackles.

A strong core is important for a football player as it forms a basis for endurance, posture, strength, strength, coordination and reducing the likelihood of injury.

Perseverance and attitude

The erector spine (which literally means spinal stiffening) and the stabilizer muscles determine the posture and back strength. A strong back can help improve your stamina. When the athlete's back is tired, there is a chance that posture will change noticeably, which can reduce mechanical efficiency.

Power and strength

Strong core muscles support the creation of a powerful, explosive movement. Regardless of whether you defend yourself against an opposing player or shoot powerfully, your core muscles play an important role.


The core muscles help coordinate synchronous movements of the upper and lower body.

Reducing the likelihood of injury

A strong core is an integral part of overall strength and fitness, which obviously has an impact on reducing injuries. The ilio psoas muscles act as a messenger substance for the central nervous system. Other muscles of the core also support the spine, which in turn improves the spinal regulation of the nervous system. Strength in the hips and lower back can help prevent leg muscle injuries, the most common injuries in soccer.

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