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Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands - Travel Security

Despite many efforts, the German Embassy in Quito and the Foreign Office are not prepared to adapt the travel advice to Ecuador in an appropriate manner to the current security situation. For 30 years, Galapagos PRO employees in Ecuador have been traveling several times a year. And of course, there is theft and petty crime in Ecuador too. But if you put these incidents in relation to Germany, Ecuador comes off really well.

The DPA journalist Philipp Laage, who was last in Quito in autumn 2018, provides a very interesting description of the security situation in Quito. He writes: “After exploring the city on my own, I can say: I don't think Quito is particularly dangerous compared to other major South American cities. At least not the corners where a tourist can be found. Nevertheless, you should heed the common safety tips and only ignore them if you think you know what you are doing - and then of course you can still be unlucky, as everywhere in the world. But if you only read the safety instructions, you get the impression that Quito is a threatening cauldron. It's difficult to reconcile with the reality on site. ”Read the full blog post here.

Our tip: use your common sense and don't try your luck. Leave your jewelry in the safe at home. You should take enough cash with you and, whenever possible, leave most of it in the hotel safe. You always have a copy of your passport with you, the original also stays in the hotel safe.

Book a trip to Ecuador securely:

Would you send the money to Panama, Barbados or Ecuador for a small car that you will only get in a few months? Anyone who travels the Galapagos Islands entirely by ship is en route for 15 days and costs at least € 8,000 per person for the cruise and arrival. With two travelers, you are quickly in the same order of magnitude as buying a small car. Even for short cruises and very simple ships, daily prices from € 250 are charged.Therefore, you should take a close look at who you are buying from.The Galapagos cruises are traded internationally like in a bazaar. There are many bait offers. Some providers have no business relationship at all with the shipping companies. Many providers disappear from the market as quickly as they came.

What is important to know is you get good and fair prices here in Germany too. We maintain direct business relationships with the shipping companies and always give you the best price - and that with maximum security according to German travel law with a travel insurance certificate that guarantees your travel price. In times when even German airlines go bankrupt, the security certificate is an important companion for safe travel. Take a look at oursTerms and Conditions.

There are also travel providers who will direct you to a travel agency / expert in the destination area. They claim that it will be cheaper for you because you are shopping directly. The travel contract is made between you and the local agency. Here, too, caution is advised, because these providers operate under local - here Ecuadorian law, which usually does not prescribe travel price hedging. You act without a security certificate. A price comparison also shows that the trips are usually not cheaper as a result.

You can only find out whether you really get a better price with direct purchase by making a comparison. Please ask for an offer or book a professional consultation with us here.

Use of public transport:

For a few years now, taxis in Ecuador have been equipped with cameras. This is for the safety of the passengers. The best thing to do, however, is to order a taxi through the hotel.

Public buses are usually safe. Whether within the city or on long-distance routes - watch out for your belongings, as you would in Germany at bus and train stations. Then, as a rule, nothing will happen to you. Please also read our travel information on infrastructure.

Accidents and natural events:

January to April is the rainy season in Ecuador. Floods and landslides can occur. Although these are less frequent than in the past, as many mountain slopes have been secured with the expansion of the road network, they are still not entirely excluded.

Ecuadorians have learned to live with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Two volcanoes are currently active on the Ecuadorian mainland - the Tungurahua near Baños and the Cotopaxi. Spiegel Online has already described the natural spectacle with "The Tungurahua makes fire game". His grumbling can also be heard almost every day in the small seaside resort of Baños.

The coast of Ecuador is repeatedly shaken by small earthquakes, most of which take place deep under the seabed off the coast. They lead to spring tides, but rarely to major damage. Especially on the north coast of Ecuador, people have learned to live with the earthquakes. The coast is still very undeveloped for tourism. There are mainly small hotel units and very original, dreamy beaches. If you want to be on the safe side, choose accommodation on a hill and not directly on the beach so as not to be surprised by a spring tide.

Please also note the update of the medical information on July 19, 2018.