Mo is a Scrabble word

Scrabble® Help

Our Scrabble® Help will find words for Scrabble® * and similar word games: Simply enter the letters and generate the words. Optionally, you can also enter a pattern in the Scrabble® Help (see examples for patterns) and various options.

You just want to check whether a word is valid? Then use the dictionary search.

Quick Start Guide Scrabble® Help

  • Letters input field: Contains the letters to be sorted
  • Pattern input field: Allows you to enter a pattern for the Scrabble® words. You can see the possible special characters below.
  • If you use a pattern, you must enter at least one flexible field (point or a number from two to five) in it.
  • As soon as something has been entered in the template, it is used consistently.

Information about the pattern

See also: detailed explanation and examples of the patterns

  • Letters (a-z, äöü) stand for a field on which this letter is located.
  • Period (.): Stands for a free field with no additional options
  • "2": Field with double letter value
  • “3”: Field with three-fold letter value
  • "4": Field with double word value
  • "5": Field with a triple word value

The Scrabble® words found do not have to use all fields or letters of the pattern. To the Limit the word length of the results, simply enter the desired number of points. A joker has no letter value, but triggers a double or triple word value if it is in such a field.

Highlighting in the Scrabble® words

Special characters are highlighted in the results of the Scrabble® search.

joker are underlined. If a joker can be used in more than one place, all places are highlighted.

Already in the field lying letters are shown with a light brown background.

Under the tabDisplay options can also Bonus fields highlight. The meanings of the double and triple letter or word values ​​highlighted in color can be found in the legend below the search results. This makes it easier to compare the results quickly.

A second point belowDisplay options aligns the results according to the required pattern so that letters that lie on the same field in the pattern are one below the other.

Scrabble® help example

The letters E and N are already two free spaces on the playing field. One of the fields in between is a special field for double word values. A maximum of 3 letters can be placed in front of the E. There is no more space for a letter after the N. The Scrabble® Help uses at least one of the letters that are already on the playing field (i.e. E or N or both).

SWEEPING is by far the best Scrabble® word in this case. All fields are used here and even the double word value is used. If the N is not used, at least one field must be left free beforehand. Therefore, ABFEG is between the Scrabble® words, but not ABFEGE.


* SCRABBLE® is a registered trademark. The rights are outside of the USA and Canada with J.W. Spear & Sons Limited of Maidenhead, Berkshire, England, a subsidiary of Mattel Inc.