Is it illegal to sell homemade weapons?

Prohibited Articles Policy: Overview

Prohibited Articles Policy: Overview

It is forbidden to offer items on the eBay marketplace, the offer of which violates legal regulations, good morals or eBay principles.


There are various principles on eBay to ensure safe, fair and pleasant trading on our online marketplace.

In part, these principles reflect valid laws that must be complied with, in part we have developed principles with which we regulate the behavior of the members themselves, the dealings with one another and the processing of trading activities on eBay.

Here we have put together the principles for you that deal with prohibited articles, i.e. articles that are not allowed to be listed on eBay. Any exceptions are explicitly noted in the respective principle.

Note: Please read these principles carefully before posting an item. In this way you avoid any violations of our principles and the associated consequences.

You can also be prosecuted if you offer (do not sell) or bid on an item that is prohibited, questionable, or non-compliant.

Basic tips for listing items on eBay

  • Our principles are largely based on the laws of the respective countries and states, but in some cases also on feedback from our members and our own discretion, especially with dangerous or confidential items. For example, read our policy on media harmful to minors.
  • Read our policy before posting. Follow our principles and take a look at our examples so that you know in advance what you can and cannot sell on eBay - please note that the list of examples is not intended to be exhaustive.
  • If you sell items internationally, please see our International Trade Policy and Import Restrictions. Some items may be legal in your country but prohibited in other countries.
  • The list of prohibited and conditionally acceptable items below includes items that can be discontinued under certain conditions and items that cannot be discontinued at all. For example, under our Medical Device and Medical Device Policy, many items are not allowed (such as X-ray machines), while others are allowed under certain conditions (including certain types of medical devices).
  • Also, read our Articles Listing and Intellectual Property Policy to find out if your article has any other policy that may affect your listing.

Prohibited articles

  • Writable data carriers and photocopies
  • Decoding / decryption tools, decryption materials and crack software
  • Downloadable media
  • Music, movies and photos
  • Perfumes and cosmetics
  • Replicas and fakes
  • software
  • Dealing with articles that make it possible to bypass copy protection
  • Offers with sexual content
  • Investment coins, collector coins, bars, banknotes and postage stamps
  • Offensive and offensive articles
  • Archaeological finds
  • Medicines and medical services
  • Government identification and licenses
  • Drugs, narcotics and mind altering substances
  • Electronic equipment
  • Tickets, plane tickets, admission tickets
  • Used clothing
  • Hazardous substances and other regulated materials
  • Objects, clothing and ID cards from security-relevant areas
  • Land and land rights
  • Goods subject to a trade embargo
  • Media harmful to minors
  • Catalogs, purchase information, sources of supply and search for sales partners
  • Body parts and remains of humans
  • Mailing and address lists and personal information
  • Multi-level marketing, pyramid and matrix programs
  • Medical devices and medical devices
  • National Socialist Articles
  • Product safety
  • Tobacco products
  • Animals, animal articles and protected plants
  • Inadmissible services
  • Weapons, weapon accessories and armaments-related goods
  • Securities, bonds, banknotes and corresponding documents

The list is constantly updated, but does not claim to be complete. It serves to supplement the eBay terms and conditions.

Note: Please also note our principle of international action.

For help with eBay policy violations, visit our Seller Inquiries portal. There you will find all the information you need to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Violation of our principles

Note: The decision as to whether there is a violation of our principles rests solely with eBay. You can be sure that we carefully examine every report of a violation of our principles.

A violation of one of our principles can result in one or more of the following consequences:

  • Deletion of active (and already ended) offers and search ads
  • Restricting the use of the eBay marketplace (i.e. buying, bidding or selling is no longer possible)
  • temporary or permanent exclusion from the eBay marketplace
  • Withholding eBay fees for deleted listings