What if your girlfriend is a hooker

My girlfriend is a prostitute


I'm new here and have never written in such a forum, but now I need advice or a few opinions because I don't know what to do ...

I met a woman I fell in love with, but she is a prostitute which makes the whole thing very, very difficult.

We have been together for about 2 years now, there have always been ups and downs in the relationship, but the first 9 months were very, very nice, actually the best time I've ever experienced. Then she quit her job and we lived in a small apartment for a while. I earn quite a bit of money, but I still have debts from my marriage. She also has a lot of debts, but she never talks to me about it, I only know the rough things but no details, she always says she is going into private bankruptcy, but when I ask there are always different statements. But that's not the problem either.

She is now going to buy again, she also texts with your suitors and I also believe that she meets with you privately. She no longer shows any affection for me, we don't even have sex anymore. When I ask you about it, she just says I should put the money on the table! I have to say that we could live very well in a small apartment and I could pay for it too, mam could even save money. But she really wants to live in a big, beautiful apartment that we absolutely cannot afford.

But none of that is the worst, the worst is that she doesn't show me any affection at all and I actually don't know what she wants from me. If I then ask or say something, there are only reproaches. When she goes out on the weekend she comes home at 7:00 a.m. when I cuddle up to her she just says that she is tired. I don't even get a kiss anymore.

I have to admit I don't know what feelings she still has, I don't know what prostitutes think either? Actually, I'm a bit at a loss and my self-esteem will soon be zero. I always imagine how she meets the men and how then have fun together, on the other day they still text things like "Good morning my darling" that just wears me down and I don't know what to do next ???