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What could be better than strolling through a local market or stopping by the roadside to taste small, local dishes, so-called street food? Evaneos, online marketplace for individual travel worldwide, has put together the eight best street food specialties from all over the world for a culinary pleasure trip that is already making you look forward to your next vacation.

Street food from all over the world

Thailand: the kingdom of street food

In Thailand you can try a different street food dish every day, that's how big the selection is in the land of smiles. Whether in the markets, on the side of the road or on the next corner, there is always the opportunity to try Pad Thai - rice pasta fried in a wok with chicken or shrimp, spicy Som Tam - green papaya salad, steaming kebabs or juicy fruit salads.

Turkey: Doner Kebab - Turkish or German?

To this day there is a debate about whether doner kebab was invented in Turkey or in Germany. But one thing is certain - the popular street food dish can now be found almost all over the world. To do this, the meat is marinated in a mixture of spices, olive oil and milk and roasted on a vertical stick. Then cut into thin slices in a pide bread, a pita or a durum filled and garnished with salad, vegetables or onions as you like.

Vietnam: Pho pause on the street

At any time of the day or night you can see locals sitting on the street corners of Vietnam with a bowl of steaming pho. This fragrant and nutritious soup is one of the most appreciated Vietnamese specialties. It consists of a broth with strips of beef, rice noodles, bean sprouts, onions and basil and is garnished with fresh coriander.

Mexico: Quesadillas - a street delicacy

In addition to tacos and burritos, the quesadilla is an integral part of Mexican street gastronomy. It consists of a tortilla - a flat cake made from wheat or corn flour, which is topped with melted cheese, meat, beans, tomatoes and spices and tastes simply delicious. It is then roasted or baked before being consumed by locals and gourmets alike.

Colombia: Arepas - a Latin American specialty

Another Latin American street food specialty that is particularly popular in Colombia are arepas. They are made from corn flour and are a kind of pancake that can be garnished with many ingredients depending on your taste: Whether cheese, avocado or banana - there are no limits here. The snack can be consumed at any time of the day, from breakfast to dinner.

Germany: The currywurst around the corner

In Germany the currywurst is considered a street food specialty. It is particularly popular from the snack bar around the corner in Berlin, also known as the “currywurst capital”. Sausage lovers have been enjoying the invention of the German snack with red and white fries for more than 70 years.

China: Banh Bao - a Chinese delicacy

China is famous for its steamed starters which are hard to list all of the different variations. Banh Bao is one of them - slightly sweet wheat flour dumplings filled with vegetables or meat. Those who prefer it sweet can try the taro-based dessert variant.

Israel: Falafel - a specialty from the Middle East

A specialty from large parts of the Arab world and the Middle East - especially Israel, is falafel. The chickpea or bean balls fried in oil are served in a flatbread with raw vegetables, yoghurt, the sesame cream tahini or with hummus. They are available on every Israeli restaurant menu and even at small street stalls.

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