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African recipes consist of starchy foods, carbohydrates and proteins. They are therefore very healthy. One-pot dishes in particular are very popular and usually contain important ingredients such as vegetables, legumes, rice, leafy vegetables and meat.

Furthermore, African recipes are enriched with banana, corn and spices. Meat and fish are of course also on the menu and are mostly used in dried or smoked form. Not to forget recipes with seafood and coconut.


Couscous With Vegetables

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You can prepare a vegetarian delicacy with this recipe. The couscous with vegetables tastes delicious and is healthy.


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Chakalaka is a South African side dish. This recipe is also made up of vegetables and legumes.

Dukkah spice mix

438 ratings

A Dukkah spice mix is ​​a mix of nuts from Egypt. The recipe gives individual dishes a great oriental flavor.

Egyptian potato casserole

80 ratings

Finally, the Egyptian potato casserole is topped with tomato slices. This makes the recipe really fluffy and tasty.

Semolina bread

232 ratings

A flatbread made from semolina hardly needs any rest time and is served immediately. Serve the recipe warm semolina bread as a side dish.

Couscous and pea patties on peppers

264 ratings

With this great North African recipe, you can prepare delicious couscous pea patties on paprika in no time at all. You will be enthusiastic!

Pumpkin oriental style

30 ratings

The oriental style pumpkin is easily digestible and has a delicate taste. Give this simple recipe a try.

Moroccan carrots

199 ratings

The Moroccan carrots are a perfect introduction to an African evening. With this recipe you will succeed in the dish in no time.

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African cuisine - typical recipes and dishes

The recipes of African cuisine are as different as the countries of Africa themselves. An entire continent naturally consists of more than just one culinary region. While Arab influences can be found in the north, the cuisine of South Africa is shaped by Asia and Europe. In Central Africa, the cuisine is mostly simple, with Fufu being the staple food for many poor people. In areas where people live off their cattle, meat and dairy products are also on the table. On the coasts of Africa, the range of fish and seafood is plentiful, and they are processed into numerous local dishes.

In North Africa, cooking is predominantly Arabic with Mediterranean influences. The dishes of Tunisia and Morocco are characterized by oriental spices, dates, olives, chickpeas, almonds and many types of vegetables. In addition to fish and seafood, lamb and sheep are particularly on the table. The best-known recipes of North African cuisine include tabbouleh, falafel, köfte and shish kebab. Since the population of North Africa is predominantly Muslim, pork is generally not consumed.

At the other end of the continent, in South Africa, the cuisine is mainly exotic with European influences. Barbecue from pork, beef and also from South African animals is very popular. The meat of various antelope species is eaten as well as ostrich or crocodile. In addition, exotic salads and sometimes very spicy sauces are served. The selection of fish dishes and seafood delights gourmets from all over the world, South Africa has the most excellent star restaurants on the entire continent. Incidentally, South Africa is also one of the best wine-growing regions in the world, and the winegrowing culture in this country is correspondingly pronounced. A similar cuisine can be found in neighboring countries, for example in Namibia.

The central African country Ethiopia offers a great variety of different African recipes vegetarian and meat-based cuisine. Flatbread is served with every meal and the plates and cutlery are replaced. The flatbread pieces are brought to the mouth together with meat and vegetables. Ethiopian food is extremely spicy. Important ingredients are the millet type teff and African vegetables such as okra.

Traditionally, “Fufu” or “Foufou” is the main component of every dish in Ghana and West Africa. Fufu is a chewy porridge made from various ingredients such as cassava, sweet potatoes, plantains or yams. This porridge is eaten almost at any time of the day, with hot sauces, vegetables and meat stews and peanut sauces. In the poorer population, fufu is often the only food supplemented by vegetables, peanuts and a few hot sauces.