What diet does a bodybuilder follow

Bodybuilding nutrition plan

Table of Contents

  1. Muscle and fat in competition
  2. Bodybuilding nutrition plan
  3. Protein shakes - healthy and delicious
  4. The perfect protein meals
    1. breakfast
    2. snack
    3. Having lunch
    4. snack
    5. dinner
    6. snack
  5. Water for muscle strength?

Muscle and fat in competition

If you want to build muscle, you usually have to eat more than before. Eating more means consuming more calories. It is often impossible to get just the right amount of food to only grow muscle and not fat. So many athletes initially eat a little too many calories and put on unpleasant cushions.

But don't worry: if you want to gain mass, you will have enough motivation to lose some fat again later. A Bodybuilding nutrition plan helps.

Bodybuilding nutrition plan: health first, taste second

Many people associate a bodybuilder's diet with just rice, chicken, and raw eggs. A nutrition plan for athletes doesn't have to be that daunting: Most spices, for example, have very few calories but a lot of flavor. Bodybuilders can get creative here: Lemon pepper or celery salt are now available in every good supermarket. Fresh herbs and new recipe ideas also spice up the food.

Bodybuilding nutrition plan: healthy proteins instead of fries and Co.

Muscles need protein. This is why getting enough protein is one of the most important rules in bodybuilding. Fast food should generally give way to healthy foods, such as chicken, fish, and lean red meat. Fries and burgers have no place in the diet plan for bodybuilders.

Particularly practical: the muscle building package from foodspring. It convinces with high-quality natural proteins and is conveniently delivered to your home.

Protein shakes - healthy and delicious

So protein is a kind of servant of the muscles. Many athletes resort to powders, pills, and pastes to meet their needs. An optimal nutrition plan for bodybuilders does not necessarily have to include dietary supplements to cover the athlete's protein balance.

EAT SMARTER has put together some recipes for the delicious protein shake for in between. They offer a lot of protein, little fat and plenty of bioactive substances:

Blueberry curdled milk shake
Ready in 10 min. • 190 kcal
Ready in 10 min. • 57 kcal
Ready in 10 min. • 230 kcal

The perfect protein meals in the bodybuilding diet

Physical exercises and the bodybuilder's nutrition plan should complement each other optimally. This works best in the beginning with the help of a nutrition and training advisor, later the athlete automatically knows what to look out for. An exemplary daily schedule for a varied and protein-rich diet can look like this:


Ready in 15 min. • 263 kcal

tip: As a protein bomb, half of the eggs can end up in the pan without the yolks


Protein shake (see above)

Having lunch:

Ready in 40 min. • 482 kcal


Protein shake (see above)


Fried chicken breast with cherry tomatoes
Ready in 40 min. • 200 kcal

tip: with whole grain rice and green beans


Protein shake (see above)

Water for muscle strength?

The body needs water for every metabolic process, including protein synthesis. With a high training intensity, it is therefore important to consume plenty of water in order to optimize the effects. The experts argue about how many liters it should be. Some consider four liters a day to be optimal, others even consume twice as much.

Ultimately, the workout quota and your own wellbeing determine how much the respective athlete has to drink. If you follow all this advice and never forget to listen to the needs of your own body, you will quickly achieve initial success in bodybuilding. This not only helps to create attractive muscle groups, but ideally also to a healthy and fit life.