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System introduction - Dropzone Commander

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HawkWargames (hereinafter Hawk) is a small UK company that worked with last year Drop zoneCommander (hereinafter Drop zone) made their debut on the miniature market. Drop zone has two years of development behind it and is, for a debut, quite sophisticated. So let's take a closer look.

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Scale and entry barrier

Drop zone uses the 10mm scale which has gained popularity in recent years. As a result, the models of the infantry are of course very small, but the scale still allows the detailed design of vehicles. In addition, large battles can be organized quite clearly and, a not unimportant factor, storage and transport of an army are rather simple.

Another advantage of this size is the proximity to size 0 of model railways. Therefore, one can use the railway workers for the construction of the terrain, which makes the construction and design of playing fields much easier.

Hawk uses the scale to create highly detailed vehicle models. With the exception of the armies in the starter box, all vehicles are cast from resin. The resin from Hawk is very fine with a sharp detail image and usually has only a few casting burrs. Unlike most types of resin, Hawk Do not clean with detergent before gluing or painting in order to remove the residues of the mold release agent.

The plastic miniatures also show a high level of detail, although not as high as the resin models. The quality of the metal models is in the range of the plastic models, but metal is only used in the infantry and on this scale, human-sized models are difficult to implement anyway. Therefore, the infantrymen are the worst models in the range, but they are still well modeled.

Getting started is made easier by the new starter box, in which you get everything you need to play for 75 euros, including two armies for beginners. Otherwise offers Hawk Entry-level deals at a price of 85 euros for all armies. With the rulebook you are at just under 100 euros. However, you should buy 3-5 more blisters for the starter armies in order to get some variation in the armies. Therefore, for a troupe with variation and the game materials, the starting price is around 150 euros. So that is Drop zone slightly more expensive than most skirmishers, but still significantly cheaper than mass game systems.

Background and political groups

We are in the 27th century. 150 years earlier, humanity lost its home planet and all neighboring systems to the invaders of the Scourge. With the exception of those who had fled earlier, only about one percent of the population survived. Those lucky few managed to escape to the remote colonies.

After this catastrophe, humanity pulled itself together and began rebuilding the colonies. After more than a hundred years of armament, the largest military machine in human history is now ready to take the earth out of the clutches of the world Scourge to free.

In addition to the Scourge there are regular fights against individual tribes of the Shaltari, an extremely advanced species that had even helped mankind take their first steps to the stars. The Shaltari are very belligerent and the individual tribes fight each other because they firmly believe in the strengthening of the species through conflict.

Finally there is the conflict with the Posthuman Republic, the cyborg descendants of humans who existed before the invasion of the Scourge had fled. After these appeared shortly before the beginning of the reconquest, relations between the human factions remain tense.

The United Colonies of Mankind (UCM)

The UCM are the linchpin of the Drop zone Universe, the background is described from their point of view and, as in many games, the people form the "baseline" for game design. It is therefore not surprising that they are on a middle course in terms of playing technology. Their dropships are comfortably fast, their vehicles heavily armored, and their weapons effective. This makes the UCM a good all-round force. They are therefore particularly easy for beginners. Nevertheless, the troop selection offers enough leeway to be interesting for experienced players.

On the optical side, the troops of the UCM with hard, clear lines and a very "technical" look. The foldable turrets of the main battle tanks bring an unusual element to the design, which is quite appealing.


Scourge is the name humanity gave to the invaders who were almost their doom. The Scourge as species are dependent on using the bodies of other carbon-based living things as hosts. Otherwise they are doomed to exist as fragile, feeble beings. Alternatively, they have the technology to use an artificial body, which is the source of their most dangerous war machines. The Scourge conquered the earth to find new hosts, therefore death in combat is also a capture by the Scourge preferable.

The Scourge are a pure attack force that specializes in conquering planets. They have advanced anti-gravure technology and terrifying plasma weapons. They have the fastest vehicles and the most powerful armament on their main battle tanks. In return, their weapons are short-range and their armor is rather poor. The Scourge therefore favor a fast, aggressive style of play in which open exchanges should be avoided.

The models of the Scourge are very organic and have a mixture of round and angular shapes, which gives them a very memorable look. The landing ships in particular impress with their unusual “stacking design”.

Posthuman Republic (PHR)

A little over a year before the invasion of the Scourge an unknown object landed on earth. It was in the shape of a small white ball and was beyond examination. However, it hacked into the global computer network and used the information extracted from it to spread a message. The news spoke of a major threat and an escape plan. Some believed the news and gathered at the suggested vanishing point. While the refugee fleet and a large military fleet eyed each other, the white sphere hacked the jump drives of the refugees to pave their way to safety. The refugees covered their retreat with a surprise attack on the military fleet.

The subsequent Battle of Vega crippled many ships whose fighting strength would have been very helpful against the invaders. About two percent of the population of the core worlds escaped in this way Scourge. The rest of humanity has never forgiven the traitors.

The refugees have developed into a high-tech society that benefits from advice from the white sphere. Its members are all cyborgs and merge with their fighting machines in war. A few days before the recapture began, a ship emerged from the PHR above the Senate of the UCM and gave up their existence. The traitors to the Battle of Vega were not received with enthusiasm.

The army of PHR at its core relies on heavily armored runners instead of tanks. Their troops are heavier armored than those of the UCM and have more advanced weapons. They pay for this at a slower rate, and in a game that revolves around rapid repositioning of troops, this is a significant disadvantage. The army takes a lot of damage, but distributes just as heavily. Armies of PHR require a smart movement strategy and could be frustrating for beginners to begin with.

On the optical side, it trumps PHR with a sleek sci-fi aesthetic that has a kinship with the troops of the UCM reveals. The many runners instead of tanks create the image of a compact attack force.


Two things are going on in society Shaltari particularly highly valued: knowledge and martial skills. As a very ancient species that for a very long time could find their only competition with each other, they are fragmented into many tribes. The competition between these only serves to strengthen the species. The Shaltari it was also who helped mankind build their first jump drives so that they could leave the Sol system - with the intention of using them as cannon fodder against another tribe of the Shaltari to use.

In their endeavor not to let the knowledge of their elders degenerate, they have developed a technology for transferring a personality into a new body. In this way, the top leaders are the Shaltari truly ancient. However, as they get older, they become more and more afraid of death, so young ones take over Shaltari the role of stormtroopers on the battlefield.