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Alternative medicine The most important healing methods at a glance

kk - 02/15/2020 - 10:00 a.m.

When it comes to alternative medicine, there often seems to be only two fronts: Some people strictly reject it and swear by conventional medicine, others see it as an alternative to medication and the like. It is important to have a say in this It is necessary to know the facts, which is why the most important alternative healing methods and their assessment should be presented here.

What is alternative medicine exactly?
All therapeutic approaches that do not belong to conventional medicine are referred to as alternative medicine: Of course, this means that there are many different concepts among them that have to be assessed differently. What they all have in common, however: The human being as a whole is the focus of the healing concept and not the symptoms. Alternative methods include, for example, naturopathic therapies, relaxation methods, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and many more. The most important ones are presented in more concrete terms below and belong to the usual catalog of services offered by alternative practitioners:ösungen-uebersicht

What forms of alternative healing methods are there?

Under this umbrella term, there are various naturopathic treatments that do not require any technical aids and that are intended to activate the body's own self-healing abilities. Everything natural is included in the healing process, such as nutrition, exercise, water, plants, oxygen, psyche and relaxation. Naturopathy includes procedures such as Kneipp therapy (for example treading water or whole foods) or phytotherapy (use of plant substances in teas, ointments or baths)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
This includes various methods that have been developing in China for over 2000 years, such as acupuncture. By stimulating certain points on the body with needles, cramps or tension are released so that the "Qi" (life energy) can flow properly again. Studies have shown that acupuncture can relieve allergies and headaches.

The most controversial method within alternative medicine, since no effects of the globules used can be scientifically proven. Many therefore speak at most of a possible placebo effect of these globules, which have nothing to do with naturopathy. The globules are spilled with water or alcohol, so that at the end they are so diluted that no source material can be detected. This is supposed to prove the principle of homeopathy: "Heal the like with the like". Illnesses would therefore be cured by means which produce symptoms in a healthy person similar to those observed in the patient in question.

This is a manual form of therapy that focuses on both the psyche and the human skeletal system. Tensions and adhesions in the tissue are loosened by specific hand movements, so that the body's energy flow and thus self-healing powers are stimulated. This very gentle treatment method is often used in children and can relieve back pain or dysfunction of the organs.

Lymph drainage according to Dr. Vodder
As early as 1935, the Danish physiotherapist, Dr. Emil Vodder, this technique: By massaging and stroking, lymph or other body fluids can drain away better and there is no congestion. Manual lymph drainage prevents edema or swelling. It is used after knee operations, sports injuries, rheumatic complaints or weak veins.

Here, essential oils are used which, in addition to having a beneficial effect, have an influence on the limbic system of the brain: this is where the center of feelings and hormone production is located. The oils are either used locally in the form of compresses or massages or as vaporization in an aroma lamp: This application form or inhalation can be useful for respiratory diseases. Via the bronchi and lungs, they enter the bloodstream and thus to the target organs. Thyme oil, for example, is very suitable for cold symptoms.

Which alternative healing method is suitable for you varies from person to person: Most of them have no side effects, so you can try different therapeutic approaches for yourself. However, it is important to consult a trained alternative practitioner, as some herbal medicinal products can interact with other medications.

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