A webinar session is an online seminar

This is how you successfully participate in our webinars

You need ...

  • a conventional PC or Mac computer with internet access
  • or a mobile device
  • and a computer headset or speaker or phone

Participate in the web conference

  • At the start, use the link in your registration confirmation.
    • When you have registered on our website, you will immediately receive an automatic email confirmation with your personal registration link for GoToWebinar.
    • If you would like to take part in an online seminar, you will receive your link by email as part of your booking.
  • If prompted, click "Yes", "Grant Authorization" or "Trust" to allow the participant program to be downloaded (unless you have already installed the GoToWebinar plug-in).
  • Once in the session, choose one of the audio options provided by the organizer to connect to the audio conference.

You get the sound ...
... via the audio function of your computer

As soon as the webinar starts, you will be connected to the audio functions via the microphone and speakers (VoIP) of your computer. A headset is recommended.

... or by phone

As soon as you are in the webinar, select "Use phone" in the audio options, and then the telephone number displayed on the control panel (chargeable dial-in numbers - charges according to your standard contract).

First enter your access code on the telephone keypad and confirm it with "#". Then enter the audio PIN and confirm it with "#".