What language is Netflix written in

Can Netflix & TV help you learn a foreign language?

There is a clear answer to the question of whether you can learn a language through television or Netflix. And the answer is yes! The Scandinavian countries are a good practical example: some local TV channels only offer programs and programs in English. Therefore, these countries always do very well in the English test.

If you were to take part in a survey asking if it was better to watch movies and series in their original version or dubbed, I'm sure your answer would belong to the following groups:

One group would say the Original version is better. In this case, we assume that the respondents speak the language and understand the original version. An often-cited argument is that the humor and jokes in sitcoms are much better in the original version and usually cannot be translated into German as easily. If you can understand the jokes in a foreign language, you have a very good command of the language.

The other group would say that they do not have a command of the language or not at the level at which they could understand the film or series.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services, but also sometimes the normal one Television program offer the option of choosing the language version or setting the subtitles in different languages. As you learn a language, watching movies can help you expand your vocabulary. You will also learn idioms, jokes and get used to different dialects and colloquial languages.

Tips on how to learn a language while watching TV or Netflix

Here are some tips on how to learn a language while watching TV or Netflix:

  1. Watch the original version with subtitles in your native language. Passively listening in to the foreign language can also help to get used to the speed, melody and sound of a new language.
  2. Watch the film with dubbing or in the original soundtrack, with additional subtitles in the original language. This is especially useful if you are the visual learner and not only want to hear words but also want to see them written. Difficult words in particular are often easier to memorize when you see them written.
  3. Take a look at the original version without subtitles: Now you have mastered the language so well that you do not have to rely on support from subtitles. Congratulations! You have learned a language with Netflix & Co.!

Learning languages ​​while watching TV and films is a good methodology for young and old, and it has the advantage that this type of exercise can be easily integrated into tutoring and language lessons. Because the film or series can be discussed afterwards in tutoring and you can directly apply the newly learned words in practice.

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