Is gamification evil


Gamification = derived from game, to a certain extent "playification"

Gamification refers to the integration of typical game elements in applications that have nothing to do with games. Game-typical elements can be noises, visual elements or also certain symbols or processes that users have become used to in games or while playing. For example high scores, ranking lists or other symbols and elements that distinguish or reward the user.

What generally already plays a major role in smartphones can in principle be included in every tool or app. For example also in payment tools and payment apps. Not as an end in itself, but rather to make it easier for users to use a specific application or to take the monotony of boring processes away.

The integration of such elements serves to pick up users in their usual behavior and to support and motivate them in dealing with non-game applications. Studies show that an intelligent form of gamification in apps and applications can have a positive effect on user behavior. Motivation, customer loyalty or, in general, the desire to use a tool can sometimes be significantly increased.

Depending on the elements and combinations used, gamification pursues the following goals in work or everyday applications: learning, motivation, help, incentives, rewards, entertainment - consistently with the idea of ​​making non-game applications more attractive and easier to use.