Why is Singapore so cheap

Prices and price level in Singapore

Singapore is regularly in the top ten “most expensive cities in the world”, but the city is still a cheap holiday destination for holidaymakers. The main cost drivers are rents and property prices on the narrow island with its very limited space, as well as the strict regulations and high costs for your own car. Upscale restaurants frequented by locals and expats, and the bars and nightclubs around Clarke Quay are also rather expensive, but after all, no visitor is dependent on them.

Prices for hotels

If you are not staying at the Raffles or Marina Bay Sands Hotel, you will find many inexpensive middle-class hotels with double rooms, private bathrooms and air conditioning in Chinatown or Little India and thus prices for less than 50 EUR per night. Hostel beds in the dormitory are even available for around 10 EUR and are hardly below the price level in other Asian metropolises such as Bangkok.

Singapore does not have a real high or low season, as the rainy season does not play such a big role here. Thus the price level is also relatively constant. After all, city tourism is always in season, here you can find more information about the best travel time. The “high season” is December, when many people have Christmas and New Year off, the European summer holidays, major events and public holidays such as the Chinese New Year.

The price level for food in Singapore

Delicious dishes in the countless Hawker Centers are available for just a few euros and offer an incomparable selection of Chinese, Malay, Indian and other Asian dishes. Nobody needs the classic restaurants based on the European model with normal (single) tables and service.

Water and soft drinks are cheap in Singapore, while alcoholic beverages like beer and cocktails are very expensive. Even in the hawker centers, a small bottle of beer costs around 3-4 EUR, in bars even twice as much and more. For the famous Singapore Sling you have to pay at least 10-12 EUR. It's worth it though.

Public transportation

Those who are used to public transport in Germany will feel like they are in paradise in Singapore: More efficient, cleaner, faster local transport is available here for far less money. The MRT (subway) runs almost everywhere on the island and where it doesn't run, buses take over. Taxis are also a cheap and convenient way to get from A to B. For example, the trip from Changi Airport to the center costs less than € 10 outside of peak hours.

In terms of price, tourist attractions are sometimes very cheap or even free - or extremely expensive. This also depends on your own interests. Magnificent temples or informative museums hardly put a strain on the travel budget, but if you want to use typical modern tourist attractions such as the Singapore Flyer ferris wheel (over S $ 30 for a ride!), The Skypark of Marina Bay Sands or the many offers on Sentosa, you have to use it accordingly reach into your pocket.


The more expensive attractions that are worthwhile include the “Park Hopper Specials” at the Singapore Zoo: Prices of SGD 103 for adults (approx. € 60 ) and 65 SGD for children up to 12 years (approx. 40 €) due (when booking online in advance).

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