Can you have alcohol at Disneyland

Disney World now serves alcohol in all Magic Kingdom restaurants

Long waits at Disney World for rides or character get-togethers and greetings are never really fun.

But now, the Magic Kingdom has something for the adult crowd that can make those long days a little more delicious. For the first time ever, all Orlando theme park seating will serve alcoholic beverages.

Until 2012, when Walt Disney World opened the Beauty and the Beast themed Be Our Guest restaurant, restaurants in the Magic Kingdom were not allowed to drink alcohol.

The rule that bans alcohol, which is still in Disneyland in Anaheim, California, is a strict policy as part of Walt Disney's original vision to keep family fun G-rated, Scott Smith, Assistant Hospitality Professor at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina, said the Orlando Sentinel.

While all of the other parks in Disney World (like Epcot Center and Animal Kingdom) offer booze, Magic Kingdom was the last place to keep things on the sober side. But now times have changed and no one is safe from the craft beer craze - not even Mickey's parent company.

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Jan 23, 201800: 27

On Saturday, Disney World officially announced that the three remaining sit-down restaurants in the Magic Kingdom had added adult-friendly drinks to their menus. Guests aged 21 and over can enjoy a variety of beers, wines and sangria. None of the park's fast food restaurants currently serve alcohol.

The Plaza Restaurant now offers wine and American beers, including an India Pale Ale, which they recommend with the cheeseburger.

The Crystal Palace has sparkling mimosa with breakfast and wines like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for lunch and dinner buffets.

And the Diamond Horseshoe, which has border-themed food, will have beer and wine and pair with staples like barbecue pulled pork, turkey schnitzel, country smoked sausage, and braised beef.

But remember, this is not Las Vegas or New Orleans folks, so you can't take those steins or mugs with you while you are walking down Main Street.