Michael Landon was a Christian

Michael Landon was really "an angel on earth"

Almost everyone knows this man's friendly face. Michael Landon's († 54) warm smile still flickers across our TV screens today. In the 50s he became known for his role as Little Joe Catwright in the popular TV series "Bonanza", which lasted over 14 years, The roles, producer and authoring tasks in “Our Little Farm” and “An Angel on Earth” gave him continued success until the end of his life.

Landon can currently be seen in the latter two series in the lunchtime program of Kabel eins. As Charles Ingalls, he fights for justice and the welfare of his family in "Our Little Farm". In “An Angel on Earth” he shows what good deeds God is capable of if one only believes in him. Landon supposedly developed the show out of gratitude for the recovery of his seriously ill daughter. A total of seven birth children and two adopted children had resulted from his three marriages. The then girl Cheryl Landon Wilson (58), who entered Landon's life as the nine-year-old daughter of his second wife, he could never legally adopt, but he has always referred to her as his own child. Cheryl published a book about her "father" in which she describes him as a true angel. “Daddy loved playing with us. He particularly liked to disguise himself as a ghost with a bed sheet and chase us through the garden. On Sundays we went to the restaurant for a big dinner, it was so great. ”He played the clown everywhere and always, made everyone laugh, never really grew up and was therefore such a good person.

In I Promised My Dad Cheryl explains that Landon suffered so much from his ignorant mother that he always tried to be the exact opposite - the perfect father, as reflected in the role of Charles Ingalls. “In his private life, too, he exuded incredible warmth and security, you just had to feel comfortable with him. He could never forgive his mother for the way she treated him. That's why he vowed never to become like them. "

Michael Landon died on July 1, 1991, at the age of only 54, as a result of a pancreatic disease.

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