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How fragrance influences consumer behavior

KNF diaphragm pumps in fragrance diffusion systems enable successful fragrance marketing

Stimulating fragrances in retail and gastronomy, soothing room fragrances in hotels or hospitals. Not only marketing experts know: fragrances arouse emotions. In the age of digitization, companies are competing more than ever for the attention of potential customers. Customers are increasingly overwhelmed by visual input, which increases the need for innovative marketing methods that stimulate the other senses as well. The use of fragrances and their influence on our emotions is therefore playing an increasingly important role in marketing.


In this article you will find out how the use of KNF diaphragm pumps makes this unmistakable S (c) en (t) sation possible.

The scent makes the music

In fact, a smell or a scent can stimulate the same areas of the brain as the sight of a product or a product logo. Research shows that smells are easier for humans to remember than visual impressions. In addition, certain fragrances should be associated with relaxed, happy customers and inviting spaces. Since the sense of smell is addressed in a subtle way, this type of marketing is often more efficient than (purely) visual marketing.


Who does not know this: you walk past a bakery and the smell of freshly baked rolls rises and tickles the senses. You can hardly resist the smell of fresh fruit on the sales floor of your favorite supermarket. And the smell of the charcoal grill around the corner is reminiscent of warm summer evenings outdoors. All of these fragrances could come from a similar source: a fragrance diffuser that releases an artificially created fragrance with the aim of attracting customers.


It is scientifically proven that fragrances have an extraordinary influence on our nervous system:

  • They improve the mood,
  • increase enthusiasm,
  • improve the ability to learn,
  • trigger desire
  • reduce feelings of fear,
  • trigger memories.

Create customer experiences

The use of fragrances in a building should be done with caution. The reactions to a smell can be subjective. A misjudgment when choosing a fragrance can negatively affect customers and employees. On the other hand, a well-chosen fragrance can have positive effects, such as a significant increase in sales. As a rule, this scent staging is not achieved by lighting a scented candle.


Companies choose between free-standing diffusers or pumping the scent directly into their HVAC system. But the choices don't stop there. Do you need something uplifting or something calming and relaxing? Do you prefer something woody, flowery, sweet or unique? If a customer is willing to spend up to $ 25,000, their own formula can be created that underlines the uniqueness of a brand. More often, however, companies choose from a number of existing fragrances, which can cut their costs to a few hundred dollars a month.

Choose wisely

According to research, for example, the vanilla scent is perceived as particularly appealing by millions of people. An experiment in the US showed that the use of feminine fragrances like vanilla doubled sales in a clothing store.


Fragrances not only make a valuable contribution to marketing and sales goals, they also increase well-being. Hospitals and fitness studios have also recognized this. They use fragrances to create an atmosphere of comfort and confidence. Woody fragrances are considered particularly suitable.

An “iSens” fragrance atomizer, as used by KNF customer SHAMS.

Focus on customer needs

The technical requirements for the diffusers used by customers in retail or hospitality are very similar. The fragrance bottle must be under sufficient pressure. The fragrance solution must be transported through the diffuser with a constant flow rate. The application must be programmable in order to be able to control the interval and intensity of the fragrance flow. In addition to a long service life and low maintenance requirements, a low-noise application is also important. Who would want the customer to notice that the aroma of freshly baked rolls is not coming out of the oven?

For all these requirements, KNF has developed a range of pumps that are suitable for use in lobbies or smaller rooms as well as for use in large rooms such as cruise ships or cinemas.

A look into the future

The use of fragrances will continue to evolve in the future. Some cinemas already invite you to a 4D cinema experience, in which you can not only follow the film hero in 3D on the screen, but also experience the action with your nose. In addition, the real estate industry is increasingly using room fragrances to increase sales. There are hardly any limits to the areas of application for fragrances and we look forward to participating in future developments with our KNF diaphragm pumps.

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