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Human-Centered Design: User-friendly products that solve real problems

In web design and web development, the term User-centered design used. It is often used synonymously with that of human-centered design. On closer inspection, there are subtle differences between the two concepts: While user-centered design focuses on the specific future user, Human-Centered Design also includes other stakeholdersthat interact with the application or product. In the case of an app for parcel deliverers, for example, not only the deliverers are surveyed, but also the parcel recipients and the employees who process and evaluate the data from the app in the shipping company. Parents or supervisors are also involved in a game app for children.

User experience design is another similar term. Again, it's about improving the user experience, making the product experience more enjoyable, and making the application more intuitive. However, the measures only start when the main features of the product have already been decided by the project team. It is different in human-centered design, in which the user is involved in product development.

This is a concept that is also similar to human-centered design Design thinking. In both cases, the focus is on the user; in both cases, potential users are spoken to from the start and prototypes are improved iteratively. While human-centered design focuses on usability and user experience, design thinking is more likely to be used in the development of completely new creative products. The method is designed to question existing solutions and develop innovations.