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Definition and explanation of the management term "scaling":

The term "Scaling“Describes a change in size. It is derived from the Italian word "scalae" for stairs.

In the IT sector, for example, one speaks of one Scaling or scalability, if a software solution with minor modifications can also be transferred to other fields of application or problem areas.

Scaling or scalability of business models

The business models of companies can also be scalable - i.e. expandable. For example to other places or countries; Business fields or industries. Like these Scaling takes place is initially secondary. It can take place, for example, by expanding the product range, setting up additional branches or setting up a franchise system.

Scaling of procedures, problem solving

In connection with (in-house) used methods, procedures or problem solutions, one often speaks of them Scaling or scalability. An example of this. Suppose a company wants to increase its agility and it has already had positive experiences with the agile working methods in some smaller teams. Then the question of scalability comes down to:
  • To what extent can the agile working methods / methods be transferred to more or larger (cross-departmental) teams (or even to the entire company)?
And closely related to this are the questions:
  • How can the collaboration between the agile teams be coordinated and controlled? And:
  • How can the efficiency gain achieved, for example, be determined?

Horizontal versus vertical Scaling

From a vertical Scaling One speaks when, for example, more teams than before that perform similar or related tasks (e.g. software development) in the value chain of a company, for example practice agile working methods.

From a horizontal Scaling on the other hand, one speaks when the agile working methods are also extended to other tasks in the value chain of a company.

consultation Scaling

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