How does a time paradox begin

#mondaymotivation: The time paradox

Is it Monday again today? It's funny that the time goes by so much faster on the weekend than during the week. Absurd. The more we want it to go, the slower it goes. And if we want to hold onto her, she just runs away from us.

Mondays tempt you to think longingly of Friday again. We often only experience the days in between in delirium. We work like robots. Do our chores and can't wait for the weekend.

Maybe we should stop for a moment. Because in a few years we will ask ourselves where has all this time gone? We can no longer grasp it because we have not lived it. It passed us without our noticing. And then we stand there. Older and more drained. And wish we'd been better with her.

Say of the week:

"Over time, time becomes more and more important."

Nobody likes to think that their time is limited. We are so sure that we still have at least one day to live. We postpone things until tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week. We look forward to the weekend or vacation and spurn the time until then. We have enough. Time. Or?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Youthful ease. But the older we get, the more we become aware of how valuable time actually is. It does not pass us by without a trace. It leaves an imprint and at the same time it heals our wounds.

Maybe it doesn't matter whether the day starts with an M or an F. Maybe it's the hours between the beginning and the end that count. No matter where we are. No matter what we have to do. Because our work is also part of life, part of our journey. And unless we accept that part, we are just wasting our time. Instead of living it.

It's already Monday again.

Let's stop time briefly. So that we become aware of it.

And then let's go with her.


Let's make it a great Monday!

Your marina

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