Thieves make money by shoplifting

Shoplifting - can you only find a thief through video surveillance?

I've heard stories about a person being wrongly suspected of shoplifting. The whole thing scares me.

  1. Case: A person buys something in a store, e.g. a checked shirt from H&M. A few days / weeks later, but still in the same season, she goes shopping and goes back to the same store or another store in the chain. She wears the shirt tied around her hips or otherwise wears it, e.g. as a jacket. When she is about to leave the store, she is stopped and accused of stealing the shirt.

  2. Case: a girl goes to a drugstore. When leaving, she is stopped and asked to open her bag. As in pretty much every girl's handbag, there are also some cosmetics in it, which she has owned for a long time and which have also been used. She was still accused of trying to steal the things. (I heard it said about MAC products and DM. DM does not sell MAC products. But I'd rather leave that out to keep the whole thing more general)

  3. Case: A person tries on some items in the changing room in a shop, e.g. 8 items (if it is allowed to take 8 items into the changing room). Since she looks closely at the fit, quality, etc., it takes a little longer. In the end, she decides not to buy something and hangs all the parts back. She is held up at the door on suspicion of shoplifting on the grounds that she has been in the locker room too long but has not bought anything.

  4. Case: A person wants to leave a shop and is stopped at the entrance. She is asked to go to another room to have her bag searched. The person agrees. On the way there or in the room itself, the employee slips a product from the shop under the person and accuses the person of trying to steal it.

I would like to add that none of the people in the examples listed really wanted or stole anything. Since none of the accused people got into debt, they all wanted to contribute to the clarification and voluntarily opened their bags or followed the instructions of the employee.

In any case, all of this scares me a lot, because it could happen to anyone, and for me these are real horror experiences that I've heard of.
I would now like to know what a suspect could do in such cases and how likely it is that something like this will happen. The shop detectives are said to be getting bolder and bolder because of the catch premium and their otherwise poor pay.