What does a camel toe look like

5 tips on how to avoid cameltoe

1. Don't buy clothes that are too small

Make sure that you buy shorts, which are already in short supply, and skinny pants in the right size - that means, above all, not too small.

2. Pay attention to the materials

Fabrics like elastane and polyester are particularly prone to cameltoe prints, especially if you sweat. When buying tight sports tights, make sure that the crotch area is reinforced.

3. The choice of underwear

The thinner the material and the less fabric the underwear panties have, the more likely the labia imprint will be under your pants. So, especially if you wear tight pants, make sure that the underwear is a little firmer and more opaque.

4. Choice of pants

If you don't want to take any chances, choose wide pants or a model with a low or midi waist. You can test it in the shop by walking back and forth in front of the cabin. If you feel good and nothing pinches, no cameltoe will appear.

5. Buy a swimsuit

In order to avoid showing your labia in a bathing suit or bikini on your summer vacation, it is better to choose one size larger here as well. This has the advantage that the fabric doesn't stick too much to the crotch - and even small bacon pillows are not cut with a loose waistband.

Cameltoe or not - ultimately nobody needs to be ashamed of itAfter all, you don't see more than an imprint.