What are edges in math

Geometric solids

Here we give you an overview of the topic Geometric solids. In our video we introduce you to different geometric bodies and show you how you can recognize them. Check it out right now!

What are geometric bodies?

A geometric body consists of different surfaces and is a 3D object. You can geometric solids Take it in your hand and fill it with air or water. These body in the mathematics have special names and properties that we will introduce to you here.

Mathematical solids you can examine and calculate. Have along geometric body corners, edge and Surfaces. Some also have a tip.

Now let's look at each one body in maths more precisely.

The geometric solid cube

The cube is a body, which consists of square surfaces. As geometric body it looks exactly like a dice.

And how many edges does a cube have? A cube in geometry Has

  • 12 edges,
  • 8 corners,
  • 6 surfaces.

The geometric body cuboid

The cuboid as body in the mathematics consists of rectangles.

How many areas does a cuboid have? Has the cuboid as a body in math

  • 6 surfaces,
  • 12 edges,
  • 8 corners.

To the Properties of bodies belongs the surface area or the volume. In our extra video on the volume of cuboids and cubes