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Vegan leather

Vegan leather - vegan leather - vegan leather

Leather is tanned animal hide. Vegans are people who reject the use of animals as food and are generally hostile to the use of animals. This includes the consumption of eggs, milk and honey. The use of leather, down, silk or animal wool is also often rejected.

On the internet and in other media people talk about vegan leather or vegan leather again and again. Cell phone bags or women's handbags made of vegan leather are offered there. Since leather has to be an animal product by definition, vegan leather is not leather. The materials then consist of natural plant substances or plastics. The labeling of products with the term "vegan leather" can lead to warnings due to the standards for the labeling of leather and leather products.

Vegan leather is often offered in the shoe sector in particular. Leather is a very hard-wearing material and an ideal raw material, especially for shoes, because it is breathable, tear-resistant and insulating. It is not easy for industry to achieve the same properties through substitution products.

In addition to killing the animals for leather production, it is argued that toxic chemicals are used in leather production. Hardly any product made from alternative materials can do without the use of chemicals. Today's tanneries in developed countries are no longer a health hazard. They are just as dangerous or harmless as any other facility where chemical products are processed. In addition, many materials that are natural are also dangerous to process. The argument is often very polemical. Vegan leather, which turns out to be a plastic product, certainly does not correspond to the original idea of ​​the vegans. The temptation is obvious to advertise inexpensive plastic products as "vegan".

Vegetarian leather

Occasionally the term "vegetarian leather" appears. Vegetarians are people who do not eat meat. But milk, eggs etc. are consumed. Therefore, vegetarians are not as strict in their choices as vegans.

The same rules apply here as for vegan leather. Vegetarian leather is then not leather and must not be called leather. You have to clearly differentiate this term from "vegetable leather". This means vegetable tanned leather. The similarity of terms can lead to confusion and must be clarified on a case-by-case basis.

Vegatarian leather

Another material that is not leather is offered as vegatar. In the advertising of this material it is stated that Vagar looks like leather, is hard-wearing and durable like leather, but is made from vegetable fibers. It looks like synthetic leather and in fact only 80% of the materials are made from natural materials. This means that 20% are foreign substances that are not specified any further. Investigations into what the difference between vegatar and normal artificial leather is are not known.

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