Which is the hardest math question

Have you had your first coffee and are you longing for distraction from your job? Then try our math puzzle, which seems utterly illogical.

Tricky math puzzles inspire the Germans again and again - after all, the brain cells are happy when they are challenged a little.

Math puzzles seem illogical at first glance

Today's math puzzle is just right, because the equations here do not seem to follow the laws of mathematics at all. As is so often the case, there is a certain logic behind the arithmetic problems. Once you get behind the principle, it will lead you straight to the solution of our riddle.

Are you already familiar with such puzzles? Then this math problem should be a piece of cake for you. Get started right away!

Also interesting: If you can solve this number puzzle, you are a little genius.

The math puzzle: what solution are we looking for?

Complete the following math problem:


Do you come up with the solution?

The solution:

Did our little arithmetic problem give you a headache - or was it very easy? Find the solution to our math riddle here.

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From Andrea Stettner