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The EAT SMARTER diet plan for weight loss

Table of Contents

  1. EAT SMARTER week basics
  2. Drink enough!
  3. Movement matters
  4. Teamwork
  5. Diet plan for weight loss: the recipes
  6. Variation for little time!

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Healthy weight loss and eat deliciously at the same time - that's what many wish for. But most diets focus on rapid weight loss and forget about indulgence. A permanent change in diet will only bring long-term success if you also like it and if it is practicable!

With our EAT SMARTER diet plan for weight loss provide your body with high-quality proteins, high-fiber carbohydrates, healthy fats and essential vitamins. In this way you can lose weight without any annoying starvation or dangerous deficiency symptoms.

Weight Loss Nutrition Plan: EAT SMARTER Week Basics

The EAT SMARTER program is based on a slightly reduced calorie mixed diet, with which you can lose up to one kilo per week. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends 0.5 to 1 kilo in 2 weeks for healthy weight loss. So if you don't shed a kilo every week, you are still on the right track - think about long-term success and hold on!

The EAT SMARTER Diet Plan for Weight Loss looks for Men about 2100 calories and for Women around 1600 calories a day in front. For women, there should be around 400 calories on breakfast and 450 calories each on lunch and dinner. Two light snacks of 150 calories each are also allowed. In order for men to get their total calories, they can eat up to a third more of the servings than women (breakfast: approx. 500 calories, 600 calories for lunch and dinner and 200 calories for snacks).

However, since five meals a day are not feasible for everyone, you can also enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with a slightly larger portion or eat the snack as a dessert right after the main meal. Decide for yourself what is best for you.

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Here is an overview of all our nutrition plans.

Diet plan for losing weight: drink enough!

The most important basis is drinking. If we drink too little, we feel weak and unfocused. Drinking also makes us feel less hungry as the stomach is already full of fluids. The DGE recommends at least 1.5 liters per day, up to 3 liters is better. The lowest calorie thirst quencher is water. Unsweetened teas and infused water are also good. Pure juice, on the other hand, contains a lot of sugar. Alcoholic beverages are also full of calories and have a negative impact on our metabolism, so they should be avoided.

A cup of coffee or black tea in the morning is allowed and counts as part of the daily fluid intake. Coffee even has a slight appetite-suppressing effect and stimulates our metabolism. To avoid the uplifting drink becoming a calorie trap, it is best to drink your coffee without milk and sugar. You should avoid coffee specialties such as cappuccino, latte macchiato or café au lait. Occasionally, however, you can replace the snack with such a drink, but then avoid adding sugar or coffee syrup.

Diet plan for weight loss: exercise counts

In addition to the diet plan for weight loss, our EAT SMARTER experts recommend about one per day half an hour to an hour of exercise. This also includes brisk walks or cycling to work. If you want to do more sport, you are welcome to do so. Swimming or cycling, as well as moderate weight training, are well suited for those new to sports. Every day of “real” sport should be followed by a regeneration day.

However, more everyday movement is a key to success here, because it hardly takes any time and is just getting used to. Always take the stairs instead of the elevator, leave the car as often as possible and use the time to stretch while talking on the phone or walk around your apartment. A pedometer can also be helpful in controlling your own movement and motivating you to move more.

Diet plan for weight loss: teamwork

You always make a successful change in diet for yourself. However, it is much easier if you include those around you. Convince your life partner of how important the project is to you so that they support you. You are sure to find a sports partner in your environment who will motivate you to exercise and sweat with you. Make your free time with friends more active. Instead of the cozy bar evening, you can go bowling, for example. Not drinking alcohol and more exercise are then much easier.

Diet plan for weight loss: the recipes

All recipes in Diet plan for weight loss are easy to prepare and can also be pre-cooked the day before. So you can easily take your food with you to the office the next day. You can prepare the muesli mixes and snacks (muesli bars, muffins) for the entire week on Sunday. On the Sunday of the EAT SMARTER week there will be a piece of cake instead of two snacks. All calories are per portion / piece!

Diet plan for losing weight: variant for little time!

Nobody likes to hear it, but a change in diet initially takes some time. After a few weeks or months, however, you will have got used to the new routine and a lot happens on the side. Three main meals plus two snacks are, however, simply too time-consuming for many, so here comes a time-saving variant of the diet plan for weight loss:

  • Choose a quick breakfast, eat it every day and vary it according to your mood (e.g. seasonal fruit)
  • Cook fresh once a day and eat the second serving the next day
  • Quick snacks: fruit, raw vegetables, a handful of nuts
  • In exceptional cases, it can also be a ready-made product or a to-go offer, but watch out for a high proportion of vegetables and hidden calories

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