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Wix.com in the test: The web construction kit with the weird name


A short smile is definitely the order of the day: The website builder service Wix has probably the strangest name in the test field. However, if you use your own domain, you can look forward to a well-engineered product. An experience report.

Wix.com in the test

Editor's rating 9.2 Reader ratings

A successful website construction kit with small weaknesses

Apart from the GDPR problem, which affects most providers, wix.com is an extremely powerful website builder that comes up with numerous interesting functions. Both the simpler ADI editor and the classic drag & drop editor offer enormous scope for creative website design. It is in the nature of things that this enormous range of functions provokes deductions in the B grade here and there in terms of clarity and usability. There are no serious points of criticism - apart from the name "Wix" and the tariff model, which is also relatively expensive compared to regular hosters - however: Overall, the service is an excellent website construction kit system that leaves little to be desired within the scope of the possibilities of such systems .

We liked that

  • Beginner-friendly with the possibility of more complex projects
  • extremely large range of functions
  • high quality themes

We didn't like that

  • sometimes confusing
  • limited storage space in premium plans

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  1. Wix ADI and Wix Editor: Two kits under one hood
  2. Wix ADI: For beginners
  3. Wix Editor: powerful and complex
  4. Nothing that doesn't exist
  5. Wix Code: For those who want even more
  6. Tariffs: Only good from "Unlimited"
  7. As always, a few sentences about the GDPR
  8. Conclusion & alternatives

Website builders are about functionality, not pubertal joke. Nevertheless, the wix.com service does not make it easy for users in German-speaking countries to maintain their composure. On the one hand, there is the name of the service itself, which arouses certain associations. The fact that the Israeli service, following its own choice of name, for the first time published websites also added URLs according to the scheme "(username) .wixsite.com / (website name)" or "wix.com/(page name)", but then shoots the bird from.

Nobody in Germany would like to run around with a "Wixsite". Your own domain and thus one of the chargeable tariffs is urgently needed. Anyone who has not been able to follow up to this point can lean back and be happy about their mature mind: From now on it will be factual again!

Wix ADI and Wix Editor: Two kits under one hood

Apart from the choice of name, wix.com makes a very good impression. It starts with the creation of the first website: After logging in, which can also be done with a click on a Google or Facebook account, it starts: As with its competitor Jimdo, the service first asks a few questions for the selection of the Homepage criteria, such as what type of website should be created and what the website should be called. Those who prefer to do it manually can skip this automatic service called "Wix ADI" - and switch directly to the normal editor.

Wix.com in pictures

Pictures for the test report from Wix.com

Important to know: Pages created with Wix ADI have a much simpler web builder than those created with the Wix Editor. This means that two systems are ultimately running at Wix: One that, similar to Jimdo, is very beginner-friendly and immediately provides the user with an operational website. And one that, similar to the systems from Strato and 1 & 1, brings a high level of flexibility and thus complexity.

In both editors, users have access to a number of functions, including an image database with free photos, numerous different themes and special functions such as visitor counters or the option of installing so-called apps in the form of online shops, blogs, booking systems and event calendars. There is even a chat and an Instagram feed on board.

Wix ADI: For beginners

Wix ADI is Wix's simpler system. If you are not yet familiar with web design, you will find a selection of 35 responsive designs that are thematically named. There is "deep black", "elegant" or "clean", but also more exotic designs such as "forest" or the slightly hysterical "great" are part of the selection. As soon as the design is selected, the entire page including all sub-pages is transferred to the new design.

ADI then allows existing and additional elements to be inserted, removed or moved within the designs. Elements can also be moved between the subpages. The color scheme can also be adjusted. ADI thus allows basic website functions to be edited, but the designs themselves are "fixed", i.e. there is no freedom in terms of font sizes or the format of the individual sections and elements. This goes so far that images are cut to the element size - no matter what format they originally had.

Nevertheless: Compared to the similar Jimdo editor, Wix offers significantly more functions. Especially since an existing page can be transferred from the simple ADI system to the more complex editor at any time. It doesn't work the other way around, however. In other words: If you have selected the classic editor once, you have to create a new page for another Wix-ADI attempt. However, Wix allows you to create another free website at any time. And not only that: An existing website can be copied with one click.

Wix Editor: powerful and complex

If you have more experience in creating the website or feel too limited with the ADI editor, you can transfer an existing page to the more complex editor at any time. The classic drag & drop editor offers significantly more options than the ADI. For example, image formats can be adapted or font sizes and types can be freely designed.

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The editor offers a variety of fonts and completely free color design; the designs of sub-elements such as the contact form can also be freely designed. Backgrounds, animations and other additional elements can be incorporated in most places.

However, this wealth of functions has one disadvantage: the drag & drop editor is a code monster, and depending on the browser and computer, editing larger websites can quickly become a jerky affair. We tested the editor on an iMac Pro (!) With Safari, Chrome and Firefox: It only ran smoothly in Chrome - and even there there were stutters here and there on complex pages.

Nothing that doesn't exist

In addition to this technical "little problem", the editor makes a very good impression: It is extremely flexible and manages to remain user-friendly, yes, it even invites you to play. Because the possibilities are almost unlimited. Even member areas, online shops, event calendars, cards in numerous variants and all relevant media elements can be integrated with just a few clicks.

Even exotic items such as PayPal donation buttons or weather widgets, and even Dropbox uploaders are on board. At Wix there is nothing (sic!) That does not exist - the website builder is by and large free within the scope of the numerous given options. In addition to the stuttering mentioned above, this has its price: Depending on the design and the number of elements, the clarity can suffer, which is the case with all WYSIWYG editors, online and offline.

Wix Code: For those who want even more

If you want more, you can use Wix Code to unlock developer options. In this way, for example, database fields and a code editor are available. However, the latter is not a real HTML editor; it can be used to manually insert additional code into the website. For this, however, API commands are necessary, which should overwhelm even more experienced website builders - the option is ultimately intended for professionals. Speaking of professionals: Like most website builders, Wix does not allow you to export existing projects. If you want to change providers, you have to start from scratch.

Tariffs: Only good from "Unlimited"

However, this change is not necessarily necessary: ​​Wix offers enough options to satisfy even long-time users. On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that new websites can be created at any time that also automatically have an SSL certificate. On the other hand, the premium tariff models can be described as fair, but only from the "Unlimited" package we tested for 12.41 euros per month: This only includes 10 gigabytes of storage space, but offers unlimited transfer volume, no Wix advertising banners such as in the free packages, your own favicons and what is most important: your own domain, which is urgently needed with the name of the provider, at least in Germany. However, it is only free for one year, after which it costs 14.95 euros a year. Domains can also be switched without a premium package, but this does not really make sense due to the low data transfer limits of the free accounts.

The premium package only ever affects one website: Although users can create several pages, a premium subscription is only ever activated on one of them. However, a subscription can be exchanged between the pages at any time, the associated domain can then be used with the other page. Overall, a good and workable solution. The only disadvantage of all premium packages: The storage space is very tightly limited in all tariffs, even the "VIP" package, which costs 24.50 euros / month, only offers 20 gigabytes.

As always, a few sentences about the GDPR

Wix offers a number of GDPR features, but they are not that easy to find. In addition to a GDPR FAQ, there is, for example, the option of activating a cookie banner. It is true that there are options for generating data extracts and deleting data. Unfortunately, there is no legal advice at Wix either, and therefore no editor for the privacy policy. Overall, however, the user is left to his own devices when implementing the GDPR.

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Editor's rating 9.2 Reader ratings

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Wix.com: datasheet

Here you can find the technical data for Wix.com. You can easily compare size, weight and other properties with other products.

Price per month 12.41 euros to 24.50 euros
Trial period First six months for 1 euro per month
Free domain✘ No.
Image processing available✘ No.
Unlimited storage space included✘ No.
GDPR help✔ Yes