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Legend of the Flood and Noah's Ark

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The waiting room of Noah's Ark

The Legend of the Flood and Noah's Ark is an Old Testament story occasionally referred to in MOSAIC and its subsidiary universes.

[Edit] Biblical tradition

In Genesis, chapters 6 to 10, it is described in detail that God was dissatisfied with the sinful way of life of mankind and that mankind was therefore dissatisfied with a huge flood, the so-called Delugewanted to wipe out. Only Noah and his family found grace in God's eyes; so he gave Noah the order to build a huge box of 300x50x30 cubits - the so-called ark - to save the animal world and its relatives from the flood. Noah obeyed, built the ark and took a pair of each animal species on board. When the flood came and covered the earth with water for 190 days and nights, only the people and animals on Noah's ark survived the catastrophe. As the tide subsided, the ark ran aground on Mount Ararat; but only some time later did the people venture ashore after a pigeon first brought an oil leaf and did not return on the next flight. All later humans are said to be descended from Noah's sons Shem, Ham and Japhet.

The motives of this story can be traced back a long way in Mesopotamian tradition. Such floods are already described in the Gilgamesh epic and other Babylonian and Sumerian legends, including details such as the preceding warning by a deity and the birds that were sent out at the end. The Greek world of legends also knows a flood story in the Deukalion myth.

The occasional mentions of Noah and the punishing flood in the Koran depend on the biblical representation. This is not a closed representation as in Old testament, but this is assumed to be known and only individual, theologically interesting topics are addressed. The motifs of the pigeon and the vineyard do not appear, for example.

[Edit] Flood motifs in MOSAIK

[Edit] The flood in MOSAIK

The charlatanEbenezer Muff pretends to the gullible Lord Archibald Plumford in the inventor series that Halley's Comet heralds a deluge. The lord should therefore hide in a barrel - in truth, of course, Muff only needs a clear path to rob Plumford Castle (compare the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm's master thief).

Some time later, in the Orient Express series, Ömer Yeralti cursed: "May Allah bring a flood down on him!" and thus proves that Muslims are also familiar with the history of the Flood.

[Edit] The mention of the ark

In the America series by Hannes Hegen's Mosaic, the Digedags once sheltered from a storm in an old hut in the Rocky Mountains. Dig aptly describes the crowd of animals that are also present as the "waiting room of Noah's Ark".

[Edit] The pigeon in the MOSAIC?

In booklet 416 from the Baroque series of the Mosaik from 1976 you can see a dove with a branch in its beak; an allusion to Noah's dove?

[Edit] The ark in Lübeck

In the Hanse series, Noah's Ark with two giraffes can be seen as a draftsman's gag in the port of Lübeck.

[Edit] The deluge in the album

In the album Set sail, Robin! Brother Tuck and Kassim Coleham mention that Noah first planted a vineyard after the Flood (cf. Genesis 9:20). Since Noah's vineyard does not appear in the Koran, as mentioned above, in contrast to the Bible, it must remain open where the Muslim Kassim gets his knowledge from.

[Edit] The deluge in the one-pager

In the duplicate of the Abrafaxe OnepagerAdvent surprise in the album For the last time package vacation!, now under the title Fire alarm!, were compared to the first impression from the SUPERillu changed some passages and wording. A sprinkler system gone wild now animates Abrax no longer to compare with the Atlantic, but with the deluge.

[Edit] The ark in the one-pager

As the little detectives in the one-pager Trail to the beach encounter Alice Smith's old boat, Califax wonders why his two companions would act as if they had found Noah's Ark. Abrax makes fun of him by making him believe it is actually the ark.

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Mosaic by Hannes Hegen: 58, 188 Mosaic from 1976: 284, (416?), 518 Robin Hood series: Set sail, Robin! The Abrafaxe in the SUPERillu: Advent surprise (reprinted in For the last time package holiday!) The little detectives: Trail to the beach