Everyone has sex at a university

Sex at university? “There is,” says one graduate - and speaks from experience

In the past we asked you via Facebook which topics should be covered more often in this magazine. Admittedly: We already had a slight premonition in which direction it could develop, but with this clarity? Well, you wanted it that way, so let's dedicate ourselves - all picture, BamS and RTL - to the real joys of life. To be more precise: the largely taboo topic “sex at college”.

But how do you approach such a topic? Conduct an interview: with whom? Write a testimonial: where to get it from? After all, NOBODY has sex at university, the editorial team initially thought. After all, we just spread the question over our friends and acquaintances. Who knows? Lo and behold, a few days later it is certain that sex actually occurs at university. Maybe not that seldom ...

The following is one of two reports that have reached us in the meantime. The “happy one” wanted to remain anonymous, of course, “but otherwise,” she says, “I have nothing to hide.” She is even happy to be able to just talk about the topic “about three years later”. We listened with particular interest - just for you - of course.

Study stress in the morning, university sex in the afternoon

“Well, that was the case back then. I was relatively close to graduation, which is why I spent a lot of time in the library. I was particularly nervous about an exam in my main subject that was not suspected of being particularly easy. Now I don't want to dramatize the situation in retrospect, my preliminary grades were promising, but to a certain extent it was also mental cinema that I was in at the time.

Then there was that day, which I still find very special today. Nice on the one hand because I really wanted it that way in this situation. On the other hand, the memory is also strange because the whole thing doesn't really suit me. Be that as it may: I still remember that there was a lot of tinkering in the library in the morning. Something was being renovated at the time, and everyone was pretty annoyed by the noise. In addition, the weather outside was nice.

So I cleared my place around 1 p.m. to have something to eat and sunbathe. I think my plan was to go back to the bib after the construction workers had finished work. In the morning my current “lover” had already texted me to ask if we could see each other later that day. He had already finished his studies, was looking for a job - and actually had the lovely long day.

We then spontaneously agreed to meet up for a sandwich in a bistro, to which half the university would always go at lunchtime. Of course there was no space inside, so we went out to eat in a park near the university. And there we sat like that. Regarding our relationship, I should perhaps say that we were still quite fresh together, maybe six weeks, and because of my exams we couldn't spend as much time together as we would have wanted. Almost everything happened spontaneously at the moment.

So after my long learning units I sometimes drove to him quickly at night, then we couldn't see each other for days - just like that. Or, to slowly get to the point of the story: We spent the little time we had almost exclusively naked. Of course, that was out of the question in the park, but in theory we quickly got back to the topic here as well. "Have you ever had sex at university," he asked me suddenly, grinning pretty broadly. I replied, slightly angry: “Of course not! Do you? ”“ No, ”luckily he said, everything else I would have found shit at that moment. But you could play it through, he said, “purely mentally, of course”. We laughed.

Student council building, downstairs - back left

I don't really know anymore after how many stupid jokes about possible sex locations at universities we actually came to the conclusion to examine a few possible locations. Something like: "For research purposes only, of course," he said ironically. I found the whole thing quite stimulating, no question about it, so did he. We then marched off.

Our first goals: main campus and cafeteria. "Absolutely impossible," we quickly agreed. Abandoned seminar room? Far too high a risk. Toilets? Too rocked, clichéd, without any charm. He asked whether outbuildings would count too. "Sure," I said. Then maybe he would have something, an older student council building that he still knew from his undergraduate studies. On the way there he told me about a common room in which "back then" people smoked and celebrated every now and then. Besides, there wasn't much going on in the building years ago, he vaguely recalled.

When we arrived there, we found that the front door was still open. The building appeared to be still in use, but the small foyer was deserted and only any noise could be heard from above. The room itself was on the left at the end of a hallway that we reached downstairs. Again: Not a soul, which is why we were both pretty excited, suddenly it seemed feasible. Our knock went unanswered, the door was open and - everything was crucial - there was a key inside.

Obviously it was more of a storage room now, with boxes standing around, a few old tables, chairs - and the old sofa he had told me about earlier. From today's perspective I would say that the scenery wasn't particularly inviting, but at the moment it was pretty much perfect. Nobody else would knock here, that was clear - and it was an official university building. Mission accomplished, so to speak! We locked the door, the rest should be familiar. I remember that we indulged ourselves in the cigarette afterwards, in proper style. Later, of course, I didn't go to the bib anymore, I went to see him. Yes, that was it. "

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