What makes a child grow up

The mental development of the child

On the way to a stable inner conception

From around the age of one and a half, children realize that objects can be the same or different sizes. You begin to differentiate and sort things according to certain properties and you can soon assign simple shapes such as circles or triangles with certainty:

  • Your child likes to sort all sorts of things by shape, color, material, size, etc .: spoons on one side, forks on the other, wooden animals here, cars there.
  • He takes pleasure in inserting molds into the correct opening on a mold board.

Towards the end of the second year of life, your child already has a stable inner conception of objects and actions that they memorize in their play. If something is not there, it can think of this object or another object simply gets its meaning:

  • With their dolls and stuffed animals, your child can play small scenes from everyday life - the doll is given a "drink" and the teddy bear is "fed".
  • A stick can be a spoon, a shoe can be a car, a box can be a ship.

Little by little, your child will develop the ability to imagine the result of an action without having to try it out in practice. But: Thinking and doing can still be confused. According to the motto “Thought, done”, your child then believes that they have already done what they only thought.