Can you be obese and healthy

Lose weight on your own?

Are you overweight and want to finally get rid of your pounds in a healthy way? The bad news: People who are very overweight very rarely manage to lose weight sustainably without help.

The good news: There are specialists who can support you with suitable therapy. This allows you to reduce the risk of secondary diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure in the long term. Find the help you need now.

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It started with a slight excess weight

At the time, I thought I'd get rid of those extra pounds soon. Today I know: I've rarely been so wrong in my life.


This is how you get to your healthy weight

You will achieve the best weight for you with the healthiest lifestyle that you can really enjoy. That doesn't have to rule out ice cream or cookies. Because eating in all its diversity is part of a fulfilled life. With diets, on the other hand, you forego quality of life, which is why they usually fail and often make your obesity even worse.

You also rely on a limited amount of calories for long-term successful weight control. Through a conscious consumption of fat and sugar and an overall sensible mix of foods. But eat in such a way that you still like every day of your life.

If you also exercise regularly, you can achieve a lot, especially if you are moderately overweight.

If you are extremely obese, you will likely need additional therapy to achieve your goal of major weight loss. An improvement in your eating habits and more exercise are still useful. They will help you to stabilize your weight or even lose a few pounds. The most important thing is that a healthy lifestyle can have a positive effect on comorbidities. These are the first major successes on the way to your personal healthy weight.

It is best to talk to your doctor about your plans beforehand. Because there are other diseases as causes for your obesity. Mostly it is a combination of different factors.

That will help you further

Food tracking apps that measure your calorie intake are helpful on your way to better health. With fitness watches you can record the number of your steps every day. Body composition monitors also measure the proportions of fat and muscle. Alternative methods such as acupuncture or hypnosis support you in particular in overcoming unhealthy eating habits.

Frequent questions about healthy weight

It depends on your height and weight. You can use both factors to calculate your BMI. You have a normal weight up to a BMI of 25. Between 25 and 29.9 you are overweight. Anything above is called obesity or obesity.

now calculate BMI

You can easily determine your personal value with our free calculator. Of course, you can also do this manually: your body weight (in kilograms) divided by your height (in meters) squared.

No. Some overweight people never develop complications such as diabetes or high blood pressure. However, your risk of getting seriously ill in the long term, especially if you are extremely obese, is greatly increased. Therefore, you should work as soon as possible on achieving your healthy weight and reducing excess weight.

Although in most cases your diet and physical activity play a crucial role, it doesn't have to be. Some mental or physical illnesses are also possible causes. If you think that something else is behind this for you, or you have observed other symptoms, you should definitely speak to your doctor. You should do this even if you have gained a lot in a short period of time.

Slightly overweight is not a disease. Obesity does. It is therefore important to take the right steps early on in order to stay fit and healthy in the long term. Talk to your friends, family, or your doctor about your plans. If you are stuck in the long run, you will find help here.

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