How would you spend forever

The Bible

The question of questions:

If the Bible (and most religions on this point) are right, this is probably the most important question one can ask - and should!

Please have a look at the timeline section:

Do you recognize - put in relation - YOUR earthly time in relation to YOUR eternity?
What? Can you (almost) see anything? This is only a SHORT part of the total time span !!!

Do you notice something? Mathematically speaking, it works
"Limes Eternity -> Infinite", and thus
"Limes earth life -> 0 (zero)".

So you shouldn't even worry:
Where will I be then?
Where will I spend forever?
In heaven? In hell"?

Maybe you say: I live NOW - I don't care about anything else!
Isn't that something very short-sighted? Isn't eternity "long enough" to seriously think about it?

When one is saved according to the Bible, is summarized under the heading "salvation of the soul".

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