Which is India's best beach town

The golden sand dunes of India

The golden sand, the foaming waves of the salt water, the warm, shimmering rays of the sun and the happy people - this is how a vacation in paradise should be. India offers some beaches that really can be compared to heaven on earth. The 5 top beaches in India:

The home of the beaches of India - Goa offers a great variety of atmospheres on the different beaches. Starting with beaches that whisk you away into a lively party, Goa has it all. Divided into the north and south beaches, the city offers a wide range of recreational activities such as surfing, swimming, diving, shopping and sightseeing. With an abundance of resorts and accommodations, Goa presents itself as a complete travel package. The best part of the trip is then the counterpart to the beaches, sights, monuments and churches. Although Goa is the country's small state, it promises world-class service to visitors.

Get in touch with the Bay ofBengal - Mahabalipuram - known for a rich history and culture. However, less famous for the exclusive and exquisite beaches, which are at least as worth seeing as all the sculptures. Mahabalipuram Beach is ideal for those who are fed up with the hustle and bustle, as you will find peace, serenity and peace here. With the mountains in the background and the calm sea that tickles your toes, you will experience the time of your life here. Since the transport connections are relatively good, you can easily reach the city and the beach without any effort.

The name alone is actually enough. Kovalam is home to never ending coconut trees. The three beaches are located on the dazzling waters of the Arabian Sea - Light House Beach, Hawah Beach and Samudra Beach. The Hawah and Samudra Beach are primarily for fishing, but the Light Haus Beach is a real tourist attraction. With the old Vizhinjam lighthouse as its center of attraction, this beach draws visitors looking for fun and enjoyment. The nights are very calm and peaceful here, which makes the day-night interaction a surreal experience.

If you are interested in relaxing in the shade of a different topography, Varkala is your best option. The depths of the Arabian Sea accompanied by the mighty mountains give you the opportunity to enjoy nature and the beach in a very special way. The Varkala beach impresses the visitors with a geological splendor, and also offers the south to wash yourself off. You can also bathe, swim and get a tan here. Restaurants, food stalls and snack shops make the beach's location even more attractive.

Known as the fishing town of India - Diu - has always been a sign of beauty and prosperity. Apart from the sights like the fort and an old Portuguese cathedral, Diu is home to one of the most exclusive beaches in India. Regarded as a horseshoe, Nagoa Beach is a natural wonder. Various sports activities are offered, all of which are well looked after. The adventurous games away from the beach and the sea make Diu a place in heaven with fun and experiences. The Hoka trees on the shore also make the place an incredibly beautiful and impressive place.

If you are looking to take your family and friends on a heaven on earth vacation, India’s golden beaches are definitely a top choice. The ultimate amalgamation of natural splendor and wholesome serenity is waiting for you in the waters of India.