Friedrich Nietzsche was an incel

Together instead of alone

Contribution from Tom »

Hello SonnenIncel,

As Max says, I am only familiar with the term in connection with the attack mentioned.
In my eyes, this attack reflects the desperation of these men (maybe women too?).

I tend to feel this desperation in some men in my life.
Especially when these men look after every woman, then they think they have to tell me what they would most like to do with her ...
Most of the time this is paired with fairy tales about the fact that they are hit on 100 times every day and can no longer save themselves from offers ... and yet they are alone in bed in the evening ...

Personally, I get pretty sick with these men, especially since it is mostly men who do not look particularly attractive.

But here, too, I agree with Max again, if you always only think about specific body parts with the male, then nothing more can come out than a rejection of the woman, because reducing women only to the sexual makes them objects, and which person is already like an object?

As a pedophile, I can say that I don't feel this desperation myself.
Maybe it's the way of thinking that has evolved with pedophilia?
Maybe it's also because I'm not so enthusiastic about intimacy with someone else myself?

Of course there are also boys and men who I find attractive, but in my imagination I have more fun because these people have no flaws.
Therefore, for me, SB is a sufficient means of sexual satisfaction and is no longer necessary.

How it would be if one of my "much sought-after" people would hit me up and say whether I would not get weak after all, because this has not yet happened in reality.