Did your mom see you were having sex?

Your own mother vs. your new friend. What now?

Hello you,
I am totally exhausted! Unfortunately, I'm afraid that my mother (again) is not happy with my new boyfriend.

I have to say that I'm 23 now and still live at home, because I'm still in training and we all really like to be together (actually based on “like”) that's not a problem either.
In my teenage days I had different friends who often allowed themselves really hard things and which I could have done without in retrospect!

Well, now I have had a new boyfriend for 3 weeks. For professional reasons, we didn't see each other very much at first, even if only briefly. That's why we were both happy that when it finally came time we could meet longer. He stayed with me, which wasn't planned. The very next day my mother held a drumstick for me and made me feel totally down. How disappointed she was in me and how ugly he would be (!).
Granted, he's not a top model, but I like him and I think that counts, doesn't it ?!

Now we had time for each other more often and have now met 3 times with an interval of 3 and 2 days. She doesn't like that, let me put it this way.

When we last saw each other we forgot the time a bit (although nothing went !!!). So he left around 11pm, although my parents' lights go out at 10pm.
Immediately afterwards my mother came out of bed and snapped at me with a full cannon barrel! Her house is not a brothel, he is uncouth and doesn't know what is proper, he would take me in full possession and I wouldn't have any more time for other things, would neglect my dog.
Which is really not true, because I love my dog ​​beyond measure, go out with him regularly, feed him and we play again and again during the day, at night he sleeps in his corner in my room. My friend also “gets along” well with him. They both have a lot of fun and my dog ​​is as happy as hell when he comes here.

Just now I was allowed to be accused of behaving like a whore and only spending time with him and the preparations for our meetings. (Vacuuming will be allowed, isn't it?)
I don't have many girlfriends and since my mother is often alone, since my father works a lot, we have always been out together a lot, but now I just want to spend time with him. Although I still spend time with her.
What should I do? They say yes, family comes first, but I don't want to let him go because he is very important to me!
Is that concern for me or is it envy? I don't know, because it just starts with itself: 'My house… my night's sleep… my nerves… me me me… "
I don't know what to do and I'm really sad
what would you advise me?