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European drivers and owners of road transport Realize that the most reliable car is a Skoda car brand.

Most buyers are a car, both new and as the main selection criterion for choosing reliability. This concept includes many things: the smallest number of breakdowns, serviceability of nodes and assemblies, engine operation with poor quality gasoline or oil, etc. In this article we will tell you what is the most reliable car for Russia 2015.

Highway Reliability Rating System in the World

The approvals of the reliability of automobile models and brands are carried out worldwide and on each continent separately. Countries with large automotive markets also do their own reliability assessments. The initiators of such ratings are usually analytical agencies and automotive mass media.

Why are car reliability ratings? The media and analytics agencies form such ratings for their own earnings. Such information is always in demand. This means that the agency will publish a similar review that may be able to earn a lot on advertising that will be present on the pages of that review.

- the market where cars are sold;

- Class of cars (hatchback, crossover, sedan, SUV)

- the period of production of cars participating in the ranking;

- A list of potential problems that can arise with any particular car model.

The reliability of any specific car model is based on a query of a specific characteristic of the respondents, the owners or drivers who directly operate these cars. Such surveys are carried out in places where the highest concentration of motorists: a hundred automobile shows, automobile trains, etc.

A multitude of potential problems with the car makes various possible failures, malfunctions and defects discovered by drivers during the operation of cars. The list is usually divided into several categories:

The following table shows the main categories of potential problems and their description.

Categories breakdownsdescription
engine and gearsThere may be problems with the fuel system with a camshaft, sensitivity to poor quality gasoline, high demands with lubricant materials, short interval inspection intervals, reliability of the engine cooling system and transmission, etc.
bodyManufacturer's guarantee for the absence of corrosion on the body, the thickness of the paintwork, the thickness of the body panels, the maintainability of the body panels, the quality of the paintwork, the appearance of air bubbles and moisture, sets of chips. The body shop also includes: the quality of plastic and rubber inserts, molded parts, the quality of the front plastic and rear headlights
chassisLife of spending parts: shock absorbers, racks, silent blocks, bushings, rubber bands and seals of stabilizers and levers. The quality of the proposed consumables and spare parts.
Comfort in the salon.Favorable location of the driver, the reliability of the driver's auxiliary systems: parking system, anti-lock braking system, anti-locking system, course stability systems, navigation system, air conditioning, cruise control, etc.
Security carEURONCAP rating, airbag triggered.

After collecting the respondents' data, the agencies calculate the results. Typically, consider the number of issues per 100 cars of that model or make. Most often, the value is rounded up to the car brand. So if absolutely failed models in the market exist in the market, they can reduce its reliability rating.

The most common problems with modern cars

Many motorists will be interested in knowing what breakdowns and malfunctions are characteristic of all modern cars.

It turns out that most often drivers and owners of road transport, issued in the past decade, call such problems in cars:

- the appearance of the car - poor paintwork;

- Car control system - control block failure and various automatic systems in the vehicle;

- Power quality automotive network result;

- problems with audio systems;

- Problems with the navigation system.

Car reliability rating in Russia 2015

Now you should tell what brands of cars will be recognized by the one in Russia in Russia in Europe in Europe in the current year.

European drivers and owners of road transport recognize that the most reliable car is a Skoda brand. Czech automaker makes such machines in every 100 of which motorists find 77 problems or problems. This is the lowest number of problems among all car brands.

In second place is the South Korean brand Kia, which scored 83 complaints for every 100 cars.

In second place is the South Korean brand Kia, which scored 83 complaints for every 100 cars. No wonder in Russia, the KIA Rio model is entering the first three best-selling models, it's mostly just Lada Granta and Hyundai Solaris. In addition, the second model refers to a shared South Korean car. In addition, Mark Kia has released many stylish models in the class of crossovers, business sedans, compact hatchbacks.

In third place in the rating of reliability in Russia there is a Suzuki brand, which does not seem to have great sales in the Russian market. However, it is his cars of cars in the top 3 reliability of cars in Europe and Russia. The Suzuki brand has 86 problems for every 100 cars.

However, the fifth line of car reliability ratings has been subdivided to separate Mercedes-Benz and Toyota postage stamps. You have 88 problems for every 100 cars.

- Volvo - 93 problems for every 100 cars;

- Volkswagen - 95 problems for every 100 cars;

- Opel - 98 problems for every 100 cars;

- Peugeot - 99 problems for every 100 cars;

- Space - 99 problems for every 100 cars.

American company J.D. Power and Associates Updated Automobile Manufacturers Rating with the highest quality machines. In JD Power 2015 they smelled "a historic turning point".

According to the results of the study, the South Korean brand Kia. She was in second place (86 faults) ahead of Jaguar (93). Last year they were in seventh and second place. The rating leader was the Porsche brand (80 errors per 100 new cars).

The rating is based on a survey of more than 84,000 American owners of new cars. Respondents were asked to respond to 233 bug questions they found in their cars after 90 days of ownership. Based on these answers, a list was drawn up showing the average number of breakdowns and defects per hundred representatives of a particular brand and model sold.

If you compare the reviews of 2014 and 2015, the interesting picture shows Fiat: despite the fact that the Italian brand remains in a shameful longest place, the average number of 100 cars has decreased by 45. At the same time, Chrysler is associated with It is a single manual, deteriorated indicators on 32 defects. We note among other things "dressed", we note Infiniti (-31) and again KIA (-20) and under the "retired" - Lexus (+12), Cadillac (+7) and Land Rover (+7). As in previous years, most deficiencies, problems and cases of unreasonable work concerns concern on-board electronics, especially bluetooth, voice command recognition, navigation and so on. A detailed make and model report is shown in the tables below.

Assessment of the quality of new cars in 2015

brandProblems for all 100 brand machines
Mercedes Benz.111
Mean indicator112
Land Rover.134
The best cars in the popular segments (first column is the best result)
category№1 №2 №3
Sitikar.Chevrolet Spark.- -
Small carHyundai Accent.Kia Rio.Chevrolet Sonic.
Small premium carBMW 2 seriesAcura Ilx.-
Compact carNissan Sentra.Hyundai Elantra.Toyota Corolla.
Compact premium carBMW 4 seriesLincoln Mkz.Lexus ES.
Compact sports carMazda MX-5Volkswagen GTI.Scion Tc.
Compact premium athletePorsche Boxster.Porsche Cayman.-
Medium sized carChevrolet Malibu.Kia Optima.Toyota Camry.
Medium-sized sports carDodge ChallengerChevrolet Camaro.-
Medium-sized premium carBMW 5 seriesLincoln Mks.Infiniti Q70.
Medium-sized premium sportsPorsche 911.Mercedes-Benz SL-ClassJaguar F-type
Fully bigger carChrysler 300.KIA CADENZA.Chevrolet Impala.
Full size premium carLexus ls.BMW 7 seriesPorsche Panamera.

Best Minivans, SUVs, and Southwalk

category№1 №2 №3
Small SUV.Hyundai Tucson.Buick Encore.Kia Sportage.
Small premium SUVAudi Q3.Mercedes-Benz GLA-ClassRange Rover Evoque
Compact SUV.Chevrolet Equinox, Ford EscapeGMC premises.-
Compact premium SUVPorsche Macan.Mercedes-Benz GLK-ClassInfiniti QX50, Lexus NX
KOMTEL.Kia Soul.- -
Medium-sized SUV.Kia Sorento.Hyundai Santa Fe.Chevrolet traverse.
Medium-sized premium SUVInfiniti QX70.Lincoln MKX.Porsche Cayenne.
Medium pickupToyota Tacoma.Nissan Frontier.-
MinivanNissan Quest.Chrysler Town & CountryKia Sedona.
Full SUV.Toyota Sequoia.Ford Expedition.Chevrolet Tahoe.
Full size premium SUVInfiniti QX80.Mercedes-Benz GL-ClassLincoln Navigator.
Full-size light collectionChevrolet Silverado LD.RAM 1500 LD.-
Full size heavy pickupFord Super Duty.Chevrolet Silverado HD.-

The annual quality quality Auto BILD was published in 2001. The rating of each automobile manufacturer consists of 7 indicators: the results of the study of the level of customer vocation (8187 respondents), the number of revoked cars and cases of repair, TÜV reliability rating (which contains information on almost 9 million technical inspections), analysis of the Warranty policy from manufacturers and three categories that contain estimates by the editors of Auto BILD magazine. About these estimates: the results of long-term tests of cars, the results of garage tests and the analysis of critical comments from more than 10 thousand letters of the readers of the magazine.
This time Kia Motors were the rating triumph. This is the only automaker to receive the highest Class 1 for its warranty policy. Extremely high results of the brand, which received from the results of the study of customer satisfaction. It was also taken into account that no Kia car was withdrawn in 2015, and the number of critical comments from Auto BILD readers was minimal. Besides, cars Kia. They received "very good" and "good" ratings on all long-term tests (the check is carried out at a distance of at least 100 thousand kilometers during operation).
Below are the results of the assessment (Maximum score - 1).
1-2. KIA (2.14), Mazda (2.14)
3-5. Honda (2.43), Hyundai (2.43), Toyota (2.43)
6. Volvo (2.57)
7-8. BMW (2.71), Dacia (2.71)
9. Nissan (2.83)
10. Mercedes (2.86)
11-14. Opel (3.0), Renault (3.0), Headquarters (3.0)
14-15. Audi (3.14), Skoda (3.14)
16-17. Citroen (3.17), Peugeot (3.17)
18-19. Ford (3.29), VW (3.29)
20. Fiat (3.33)

The best cars according to the American consumption report

Consumer Reports - Monthly American journal of the nonprofit organization Consumer Union. Published reviews I. Comparative tests of consumer goods and services based on user responses and test results conducted in 50 laboratories of the journal and research centers.
The magazine does not publish by third parties, does not accept product samples, and does not allow the results of their tests to be used to promote goods. According to the editor, it allows independence and impartiality to be maintained, and the publication has no other objectives outside of protecting the interests of the buyer.
This time, the three ratings for 2015 are shown: the rating of car manufacturers, the best and worst models to buy.
In the ranking of automobile manufacturers Not all brands are considered, so Jaguar, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, RAM, Smart, and Tesla don't have enough data to analyze.
    Best manufacturer.(Overall rating / road test review / comments consumer report)
  • Lexus. 78/76. Lexus creates luxurious and very reliable cars. "
  • Mazda. 75/76. Mazda is a brand that understands its identity and repeats its sports DNA in every car.
  • Toyota. 74/72. The main advantage of Toyota has become its reliability. Toyota focused on good, reliable, comfortable, and very popular cars.
  • Audi. 73/81. This premium brand is characterized by the production of cars with luxurious interiors and the Quattro Full Drive systems.
  • Subaru. 73/80. SUBARU can finally consider itself one of the automakers in technology.
  • Porsche. 70/84. It is interesting to know how economy technology is monitored with brand standards and how more technologically complex models are tested according to time and reliability.
  • Buick. 68/76. Buick is about to change its boring image and get on the path of product revitalization.
  • Honda. 69/71. PLUSES HONDA - High economy compared to competitors, very good reliability and little loss of value when reselling.
  • Kia. 68/73. KIA makes competent cars sold for less money than leaders in their segments.
  • BMW. 66/82. BMW cost no trouble taking 10th place.
  • Acura. 65/78. The brand is positioned as a high quality, luxury car manufacturer by Honda. However, Acura automobiles often don't have the volume and quality of internal performance that luxury brands have come with.
  • Volvo. 65/76. Durable and power, sedans, Volvo Universals, and SUVs are safe (or at least trying to be similar) with many of the latest electronic safety and collision management systems
  • Hyundai. 66/82. It is good that Hyundai left production of its cars in the past. The style and finishing of many of its car models are on the rise, but at the same time they remain the most accessible options in their segment.
  • GMC. 61/73. Despite its "professional level", promotional slogans and some style differences, GMC is close to its closest relative - Chevrolet
  • Volkswagen. 60/76. Thanks to manageability and comfortable driving, most automobile cars are more of a premium than their competitors,
  • Lincoln. 59/74. Lincoln reliability left to wish the best in recent years, simply put, it was uneven, largely due to the Mylincoln Touch electronic control interface, which was soon to be replaced, most Lincoln models did not go beyond medium-sized points in the US consumer ranking. Lincoln still suffers from a lack of drive and a luxurious vibe that class leaders have.
  • Infiniti. 59/76. The customization of the parts and the end usually doesn't cause discomfort, the power units are top notch. The problem is, Infinity has stopped surprising buyer and consumer specialists in recent years.
  • Nissan. 59/70. It has contradicting model lines. The company made a serious, high-quality decline in automobiles like the Subcompact Versa and Compact Sentra.
  • Chevrolet. 59/71. According to some indicators, such as reliability, the Chevrolet model is clearly in the middle of the list, and in some cases a little lower
  • Cadillac. 58/77. Many models summed up the buyers of the very unimportant reliability and information system Cue, which is inconvenient with poorly designed navigation.
  • Mercedes Benz. 56/81. Such models as CLA differ noticeably from other branded cars. IT (CLA model) is tough and does not fit with high inquiries and expectations of the Mercedes-Benz brand.
  • Scion. 54/57. Toyota in its "Padherce" offers small inexpensive but noisy vehicles that are relatively practical and a bit acute to manage than ordinary Toyota models.
  • Chrysler. 54/73.Chrysler's reliability has always been in doubt; one year everything is fine, another bad.
  • Ford. 53/72. Late Ford models run as a European sports sedan with quick control, smooth driving, but the reliability of most models is below average.
  • Evade. 52/71. The new Dodge style has been improved enough, but before battling many automakers on the list, it's still a long way off.
  • Mini. 46/72. The mini version of the BMW IDRIVE system offers a comprehensive connection, but it is first negative sensations when you get into the car. Fuel economy for the segment is pretty good, but not excellent. Mini's reliability fell.
  • Jeep. 39/59. Low reliability.
  • Fiat. 32/55. Despite the attractive appearance and happy driving, the reliability reaches the limit.

The ranking of the best used cars to buy, Based on the examination of a number of Used Cars by Consumer Reports Special Specialists that the machines below are on the right that are called Best Reliability, Safety and Price.

    Top used cars(Year / price / comments)
  • Mazda 3 (2008). Less than 500,000 p. It has everything that most buyers want from a small car: reliability, efficiency, high-ride enjoyment, interior space, thoughtful ergonomics and, above all, reliability. The only negative, directly related to the quality and number of positive moments, Mazda is a hijacked car.
  • Volkswagen Golf (2007-2009). Less than 500,000 p. They are an alternative to buyers who want a sport, a European car and a high quality finish material.
  • Acura TL and TSX (2005). Less than 500,000 p. This is the option that will allow you to get a reliable and luxurious car without going over the rigid budget.
  • Toyota Avalon (2005). Less than 500,000 p. The third generation Avalon made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in 2005. The design of the car has been completely updated.
  • Hyundai Sonata (2006-2008). Less than 500,000 p. Equipped with a four cylinder engine, Hyundai Sonata is an economical option that offers capacity and reliability.
  • Kia Optima (2007-2008). Less than 500,000 p. Kia Optima can rightly be considered a spacious and reliable car. To save money, it is better to use 2007-28-Optima, pocket money more, and the quality of the car will not let you down.
  • Honda CR-V (2005). Less than 500,000 p. ESC (Electronic Resistance Control) and a large number of airbags combined with the space, comparable to the number of spaces with a minibus capacity, makes CR-V such a car that cannot be overlooked.
  • Mitsubishi Outlander (2007). Less than 500,000 p. Mitsubishi Outlander has three rows of seats and easy access through the fifth door. Consumer reviews noted it as the best used car on the list.
  • Honda Pilot (2005). Less than 500,000 p. Honda Pilot had sufficiently powerful and smooth engines in acceleration, pleasant, reasonable control, capacity of up to eight seats. Honda Pilot is one of the best used cars according to consumer reports.
  • Subaru Impreza (2010). From 500,000 to 900,000 p. In the standard ride on all wheels, availability of different versions body, including flowback and sedan, and back seatDeveloped for three adults, people add to the versatility of the handicap
  • Kia Soul (2010-2012). From 500,000 to 900,000 p. Square but stylish, has many interesting, important features and functions for a small car, which makes it an ideal car for young families.
  • Infiniti G35 (2006-2007). From 500,000 to 900,000 p. The type of car manifests itself in its sporty handling and the sophistication of the interior.
  • Acura RL (2005-2006). From 500,000 to 900,000 p. Inconspicuous in the car, but this is compensated for at full speed, good visibility, comfort of driving, more luxurious, thoughtful interior and reliability
  • Toyota Highlander (2005-2007). From 500,000 to 900,000 p. Toyota Highlander 2005-2007 with V6 engines has named one of the best SUVs of the years that have held the brand to date. Reliability is the second name of Toyota Highlander.
  • Toyota Prius (2010-2013). From 800,000 to 1200,000 p. Restling Prius 2010. model year Bring with you a quiet, economical engine and electronic stability control in the standard version
  • Hyundai Elantra (2013-2014). From 800,000 to 1200,000 p. This little used car has become one of the best value for money / technology skill.
  • Honda Civic (2013-2014). From 800,000 to 1200,000 p. Honda Civic received such a much needed new interior, brakes and improved suspension, which makes it another car worth shopping for
  • Honda Accord (2008-2012). From 800,000 to 1200,000 p. For the first time, all models are equipped with electric power steering (before - only the models for the Japanese market).
  • Toyota Camry (2010-2012). From 800,000 to 1200,000 p. Quality and comfort for five adults in limousines, reliability, good looks. Toyota cars and many years after the departure of the sponsor remain true to their tradition.
  • Lexus ES (2007-2008). From 800,000 to 1200,000 p. This is Toyota's reliability combined with advanced Mercedes-Benz technologies.
  • Lexus RX (2006-2008). From 800,000 to 1200,000 p. The RX model is a high quality SUV that can be purchased by buyers for the used market. Its strengths - reliability, convenience of driving, prestige. One of the best options among crossovers
  • Toyota RAV4 (2009-2011). From 800,000 to 1200,000 p. We're not even going to say anything, the word Toyota and enough to say a lot of things.
  • Infiniti M (2009). From 1,000,000 to 1,400,000 p. Positive characteristics Identified with other cars from Japanese automakers. Plus, Infiniti M has a powerful engine.
  • Lexus GX (2006-2007). From 1,000,000 to 1,400,000 p. GX climbing in a tuxedo, GX can offer as a Toyota 4 runner, but at the same time he'll like Lexus fashion.
  • Nissan Murano (2011-2012). From 1,000,000 to 1,400,000 p. It is one of the favorites among the SUVs used.
Used cars that don't buy It is an antipode of the previous rating.
    The worst used cars(Remarks)
  • BMW 330I and 335i.
  • Chrysler PT Cruiser. Retro cars have been produced for 10 years, 1.35 million copies have been released. But even such a large number and a long production time could not correct the quality of the car. Production stopped in 2010.
  • Chrysler Town & Country. Production started in 1990, but it was a peak car complaint for 2015.
  • Ford Fiesta. The sixth generation Fiesta received the largest number of negative reviews.
  • Jeep Wrangler. Transumer reports frequently.
  • Kia Sedona / Carnival.
  • Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.
  • Mini Cooper S. British automotive industry icon. In 1994 BMW was bought, since then often worse lists.
  • Nissan Pathfinder.
  • Volkswagen CC.
  • Volkswagen GTI.

Reliability of cars according to the version of the American company J.D. power

Founded in 1968 by James Davida American Association of Global Marketing J.D. Power is one of the most famous in the study of the reliability and quality of cars.
Annual surveys, conducted in both the United States and other countries around the world, typically include the analysis of problems that arise after three years of car operation (VDS), the problems of the problems in the first three months of operation (IQs), as well as consumer opinion about the dealer centers and the service sector (asal).
Below are two reviews for 2015.
Ranking reliability 3 summer cars. The company's survey of 34 thousand owners of cars purchased in the American market in 2012 showed that, as in the previous four years, the most reliable three-year-old cars in the United States are Lexus-branded cars.
The final rating was compiled based on the number of defects per 100 cars. The average was the result of 147 defects, which is 14 points worse than last year and 21 points worse than 2013.
Most often, motorists noticed the problems connecting via bluetooth and errors in the working of Spzu. Almost a third of all problems related to the operation of the power supply, and the majority of complaints related to the transmission drivers did not correspond to a sharp gear change.
Experts also found that 56% of those surveyed who did not have problems with their machines will "definitely" buy a car of the same make the next time, but only 43% of car owners will not change the selected make in the presence of three or more claims the car.
A place
A place
per 100 cars.
A place
A place
per 100 cars.
1 1 Lexus.89 16 15 Mazda.140
2 5 Buick.110 17 26 Mitsubishi.140
3 8 Toyota.111 18 10 Infiniti.144
4 3 Cadillac.114 19 11 BMW.146
5 6 Honda.116 20 12 Subaru.157
6 9 Porsche.116 21 20 Kia.158
7 7 Lincoln.118 22 24 Volkswagen.165
8 2 Mercedes Benz.119 23 23 Chrysler173
9 22 SPROUT.121 24 21 Volvo.174
10 13 Chevrolet.123 25 17 Ford.188
11 16 GMC.123 26 27 Hyundai.188
12 4 Acura.124 27 30 Evade.192
13 18 Nissan.128 28 - Mini.193
14 25 R.A.M.134 29 28 Jeep.197
15 19 Audi.138 30 29 Land Rover.258

Assessment of the reliability of cars in the first three months of operation showed an average result of 112 balls, which is 3 points below last year and 6 points below 2013.
Treumators were again Korean Hyundai. and Kia. Data brand cars recorded fewer than 100 clouds per 100 cars. As for Japanese brands, for the first time, their average malfunctions dropped to 114 points, which is worse than Europeans.
Experts are already rushing to call up this change in the current milestone in Autoinadundry. " This is a real revolution in quality matters. Japanese cars have long been considered a real reference to quality issues. Now "Europeans" and "Koreans" bypassed Japanese brands - and we haven't seen that long"" Said Vice President J.D. Power and Associates Rene Stevens.
A place
A place
per 100 cars.
A place
A place
per 100 cars.
1 1 Porsche.80 17 17 GMC.115
2 7 Kia.86 18 21 Evade.116
3 2 jaguar93 19 15 Volvo.120
4 4 Hyundai.95 20 20 Nissan.121
5 23 Infiniti.97 21 13 Cadillac.122
6 8 BMW.99 22 26 Mini.122
7 6 Chevrolet.101 23 28 Mazda.123
8 10 Lincoln.103 24 24 Volkswagen.123
9 3 Lexus.104 25 29 SPROUT.124
10 5 Toyota.104 26 25 Acura.126
11 19 Buick.105 27 30 Mitsubishi.126
12 16 Ford.107 28 22 Land Rover.134
13 18 R.A.M.110 29 31 Jeep.141
14 9 Honda.111 30 27 Subaru.142
15 14 Mercedes Benz.111 31 12 Chrysler143
16 11 Audi.115 32 - Clever.154

Dynamics of reliability of brands of 3 summer cars. Take the company data J.D. Power over the reliability of brands of three-year-old cars. We according to the formula (1000 - count. Error) / 10 identified the "percentage" of reliability of the brands and created a schedule of the dynamics of reliability over the popular years Brands and Dajes of the most reliable (Lexus) and the most unreliable brand (Land Rover ).
From the graph it can be seen that there is now a small decrease in reliability, and in general all of the mass brands are quite close to the average and their reliability differs little from one another.

The most reliable cars according to the German organization TÜV

The joint report of the AUTO BILD edition and the German technical control organization Technischer Uberwachungs-Verien -bericht 2015 is based on an analysis of 8.5 million cars 226 brands periodically passing technical reviews from July 2013 to June 2014.
For the first time in recent years, the number of serious defects in the cars tested is reduced by 1.4%, so the average percentage of breakdowns in 2008 in 2008 was 7/15/2009 - 16, 2010 - 6/14 2011 - 5/19 2012 - 19.7 2013 was - 20.0 2014 - 24.9 2015 - 23.5.
FROM best result 2.4 points for all time research, the golden sticker award was won by Mercedes SLK. In general, all German cars showed good results, so that in the first ten positions Mercedes SLK, Audi A6, Mercedes GLK, Porsche 911, BMW Z4, Mercedes E-Class Coupe, Audi Q5, Audi A3, Ford Focus. and Mercedes C-Class.
Model 2-3 years old.%
1 Mercedes SLK.2,4
2 Audi A6.2,9
3 Mercedes GLK.3,6
4 Porsche 911.3,9
5 BMW Z4.4,0
6 Mercedes E-CLASS4,5
7 Audi Q5.4,7
8 AUDI A3.4,9
9 Ford Focus.4,9
10 Mercedes C-Class4,9
11 Mazda 2.5,0
12 Volvo XC60.5,2
13 Audi A1.5,3
14 Audi TT.5,3
15 Mitsubishi ASX.5,3
16 Suzuki Splash.5,3
17 Opel Meriva.5,4
18 BMW X1.5,5
19 Mazda 3.5,5
20 Toyota on the reverse.5,5
21 Mercedes E-CLASS5,7
22 VW Tiguan.5,8
23 Audi A4.5,9
24 Opel Agila.5,9
25 Opel astra.6,0
26 Audi A5.6,1
27 Mini Countryman.6,1
28 Suzuki Swift.6,1
29 VW Golf Plus.6,1
30 Volvo S60 / V606,2
31 Nissan Note.6,3
32 Hyundai IX20.6,4
33 Honda cr-v6,5
34 BMW 3 Series.6,6
35 Hyundai IX35.6,7
36 Skoda Yeti.6,7
37 Toyota Avensis.6,7
38 Mini.6,8
39 Nissan Juke6,8
40 Skoda Roomster.6,8
41 VW Golf.6,8
42 Mercedes B-Class6,9
43 Renault mode6,9
44 Seat Altea.6,9
45 Toyota iq.6,9
46 Ford Fiesta.7,0
48 VW Polo.7,0
49 BMW 1 Series.7,1
50 Skoda Fabia.7,1
51 Honda Jazz.7,2
53 Ford C-Max7,3
54 Mazda 5.7,3
55 VW EOS.7,3
56 Nissan Micra.7,5
57 Toyota Aygo.7,5
58 Ford Kuga.7,7
59 Mercedes A-Class7,7
60 Subaru Forester.7,7
61 Toyota Auris.7,7
62 Ford Fusion.7,8
63 Mitsubishi Colt.7,8
64 Opel Corsa.7,8
65 Honda Civic7,9
66 Seat EXEO.7,9
67 Nissan Qashqai.8,0
68 Toyota Rav 4.8,0
69 Mazda MX-58,1
70 Opel Insignia.8,2
71 Skoda Superb.8,2
72 Suzuki SX 4.8,2
73 Mitsubishi Outlander.8,3
74 BMW X3.8,4
75 BMW 5 Series.8,5
76 Citroen C4.8,5
77 Peugeot 107.8,5
78 Hyundai I10.8,6
79 Renault Laguna.8,6
80 Renault Scenic.8,7
81 Volvo S40 / V508,7
82 Headquarters Ibiza.8,8
83 Seat Leon.8,8
84 Kia Picanto.9,0
85 Renault Clio.9,2
86 Volvo V70.9,3
87 Kia ceed.9,5
88 Kia Sorento.9,5
89 Opel Zafira.9,5
90 Renault Twingo.9,6
91 Citroen C3.9,7
92 Suzuki Jimny.9,7
93 Hyundai i20.9,8
94 Renault Megane.9,8
95 VW Scirocco.9,8
96 VW Touran.9,8
97 Citroen C1.10,1
98 Mazda 6.10,1
99 VW Passat CC.10,3
100 VW Caddy Life.10,4
101 Citroen C3 Picasso.10,5
102 Honda Accord.10,5
103 Peugeot 207.10,6
104 Fiat Doblo.10,7
105 Skoda Octavia.10,7
106 VW Passat.10,8
107 Renault Kangoo.11,1
108 VW Sharan.11,1
109 Dacia Sandero.11,2
110 Hyundai I30.11,2
111 Peugeot 308.11,2
112 Alfa Romeo Giulietta.11,5
113 Citroen C5.11,5
114 Ford S-Max11,5
115 Kia Sportage.11,5
116 Dacia Duster.11,8
117 Citroen C4 Picasso.11,9
118 VW FOX.12,0
119 Chevrolet Captiva.13,1
120 Ford Mondeo.13,1
121 Ford Galaxy13,1
122 Fiat 50013,4
123 Chevrolet Spark.13,7
124 Fiat Punto.14,0
125 Ford Ka.14,1
126 Citroen Berlingo.14,3
127 Fiat Panda.14,8
128 Alfa Romeo mito.15,6
129 Dacia Logan.15,7
Model 4-5 years old%
Mazda 3.5,4
Porsche 911.6,4
Toyota iq.6,5
Toyota Avensis.6,5
VW Polo.6,5
Audi Q5.7,5
Mercedes E-CLASS7,8
VW Golf Plus.7,8
Volvo XC60.8,1
Mercedes GLK.8,6
Opel Insignia.8,9
Renault Scenic.8,9
VW Golf.9,1
Mazda 2.9,4
Mercedes SLK.9,5
AUDI A3.9,6
VW EOS.9,7
Audi A5.9,9
Audi TT.10,0
Audi A4.10,1
Toyota Auris.10,1
Ford Kuga.10,3
Ford Ka.10,5
Honda cr-v10,5
Ford Fusion.10,8
Mercedes C-Class10,8
VW Touran.11,0
VW Tiguan.11,1
Ford Focus C-Max11,3
Mazda 6.11,3
BMW 3 Series.11,5
Audi A6 S6.11,6
Mitsubishi Colt.11,7
Suzuki SX4.11,7
Honda Accord.11,8
Nissan Micra.11,8
Ford Fiesta.11,9
BMW 1 Series.12,0
Toyota Rav 4.12,1
Volvo V70.12,1
Mazda MX-512,3
Opel Agila.12,3
Toyota Aygo.12,3
BMW X5.12,4
Honda Civic12,4
Mercedes B-Class12,4
Honda Jazz.12,6
Mercedes A-Class12,7
VW Scirocco.12,7
Skoda Superb.12,8
VW Touareg.12,8
Mercedes CLK.12,9
Mercedes M-Class12,9
Subaru Forester.12,9
Peugeot 107.13,0
VW Passat CC.13,1
Opel astra.13,2
Opel Tigra Twintop.13,4
VW Caddy Life.13,4
Suzuki Splash.13,5
Volvo S40 / V5013,5
Citroen C1.13,6
Skoda Roomster.13,6
Nissan Note.13,7
Seat Altea.13,7
Skoda Octavia.13,7
Renault Laguna.13,8
Ford S-Max13,9
Opel Corsa.13,9
Opel Meriva.13,9
Skoda Fabia.14,0
BMW 5 Series.14,1
Mitsubishi Outlander.14,2
Ford Focus.14,4
Opel Zafira.14,6
VW New Beetle.14,6
Hyundai i20.14,7
Renault Megane.14,9
Headquarters Ibiza.15,1
Suzuki Swift.15,1
Renault mode15,2
Fiat 50015,4
Citroen C3 Picasso.15,5
Seat Leon.15,5
Ford Galaxy15,8
Ford Mondeo.15,9
Hyundai Matrix.15,9
Hyundai I30.16,1
Nissan Qashqai.16,2
VW Passat.16,4
Citroen C3.16,5
Citroen Berlingo.16,6
Citroen C4 Picasso.16,8
Kia ceed.16,8
Mazda 5.16,8
Renault Clio.17,0
Alfa Romeo mito.17,2
Citroen C5.17,3
Peugeot 308.17,3
Hyundai I10.17,4
Suzuki Jimny.17,5
VW FOX.17,6
Kia Sportage.17,8
BMW X3.18,0
Citroen C2.19,0
Fiat Punto.19,0
Kia Picanto.19,0
VW Sharan.19,3
Dacia Sandero.20,0
Renault Twingo.20,2
Fiat Bravo.20,3
Peugeot 207.20,3
Kia Sorento.20,9
Citroen C4.21,4
Fiat Panda.21,7
Chevrolet Captiva.21,9
Hyundai Tucson.22,3
Chevrolet Matiz.25,1
Renault Kangoo.25,4
Dacia Logan.25,5
Fiat Doblo.25,8
Model 6-7 years old%
Porsche 911.10,5
Mazda 2.11,2
VW Golf Plus.11,5
Toyota Auris.11,8
Mercedes C-Class13,1
Audi TT.13,3
Mercedes SLK.13,7
Honda cr-v14,3
Ford Fusion.14,7
AUDI A3.15,0
Suzuki SX4.15,0
Mazda MX-515,1
VW Golf.15,3
Honda Civic15,6
Seat Altea.15,6
BMW X5.15,7
Subaru Forester.15,8
Toyota Rav 4.15,8
Citroen C1.15,9
Mercedes A-Class16,1
Opel Agila.16,1
Peugeot 107.16,1
Toyota Aygo.16,1
Honda Jazz.16,2
Mercedes B-Class16,2
Toyota Avensis.16,3
Audi A4.16,4
VW EOS.16,8
Ford Fiesta.16,9
Ford S-Max16,9
Mitsubishi Colt.17,0
Ford Focus C-Max17,2
Hyundai Getz.17,2
VW Touran.17,3
BMW 3 Series.17,4
Mercedes CLK.17,6
Opel Corsa.17,6
Mitsubishi Outlander.17,7
Skoda Fabia.17,7
Audi A6.17,8
Mazda 3.18,4
Ford Mondeo.18,7
Mazda 6.18,8
VW New Beetle.18,8
BMW 1 Series.18,9
Opel Meriva.18,9
Ford Galaxy19,0
Nissan Qashqai.19,2
VW Touareg.19,3
VW Caddy Life.19,5
Opel astra.19,6
Opel Zafira.19,6
Seat Leon.19,6
Skoda Octavia.19,7
Mercedes M-Class19,8
Volvo S40 / V5019,8
Ford Focus.19,9
Hyundai Matrix.19,9
Nissan Note.20,0
Suzuki Swift.20,1
Citroen C4 Picasso.20,5
Opel Tigra Twintop.21,1
Kia ceed.21,3
Honda Accord.21,4
BMW X3.21,5
Suzuki Jimny.21,5
Mazda 5.21,6
Opel Vectra.21,8
VW Passat.21,8
BMW Z4.22,0
Volvo V70.22,6
Renault Twingo.22,7
BMW 5 Series.22,9
Kia Sportage.23,0
Citroen C3.23,1
Hyundai Tucson.23,3
Nissan Micra.23,6
Hyundai atos.23,7
VW Polo.23,9
Fiat Bravo.24,0
Renault mode24,2
Skoda Roomster.24,2
Mercedes E-CLASS24,3
Fiat Panda.25,0
Renault Clio.25,0
Kia Picanto.25,2
Peugeot 207.25,3
Renault Scenic.25,3
Chevrolet Captiva.26,1
Citroen C2.26,4
VW FOX.26,6
VW Sharan.26,7
Ford Ka.27,0
Fiat Punto.27,2
Alfa Romeo 147.27,4
Kia Sorento.27,8
Citroen Berlingo.28,4
Headquarters Ibiza.28,5
Chevrolet Matiz.28,8
Peugeot 307.28,8
Renault Megane.29,3
Citroen C5.29,6
Citroen C4.30,0
Fiat Doblo.30,8
Renault Kangoo.31,9
Dacia Logan.32,8
Renault Laguna.33,0

How much can to trust different reviews

Thousands of consumers Choosing a car, consider the reliability rating of used machines, the year of its release, 2016 and 2015. Options for a resident of Russia are inexpensive safe cars that can withstand the harsh winter and poor road condition. The rating of the reliable cars is displayed in video format (crash test). It includes a number of parameters, but excludes cost. And when you choose a German or Chinese car, you want it to be economical and inexpensive, but unfortunately it is not always possible.

Rating of the reliable car brands in which KIA is ranked first

The top of the most reliable cars include SUVs (family cars) and passenger cars. For each group of car presented the top 10 most reliable cars on brands and models that will help you choose the most economical "iron horse", whether Chinese car Cheri or hybrid "Prius". The most reliable budget cars (small cars or cheap and unknown brands) will not bypass either.

Top 10 SUV

The list to help you find out which cars are considered to be safe on the safe, SUVs include the following four-wheel drive cars:

SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee. "Cherokeys" and so were considered the most reliable "road-free" cars, and with the Off-Road Adventure II package are generally the leaders of Cars 2015 reliability rating. Thanks to the pneumatic suspension, tow hooks and protection plates, such a jeep is considered a safe car and does not require any special maintenance;

SUV Nissan Frontier Pro 4x
  • the most reliable car among "Nissanov" can be called Nissan Frontier Pro-4x. It is represented by a pickup that has often been leading the ranking of cars in recent years. It is designed to carry a large amount of cargo, and in the ultimate factory competitions, its reliability exceeds many other jeeps;

Land Rover LR4 SUV
  • Land Rover LR4. The British company that produces jeeps and family cars that recently re-trained the "parking attendees". Nevertheless, even a used car from the company is not inferior to its predecessor for reliability on the road. One of the most reliable brands has an independent suspension, anti-wheel system and a package of options for comfort and reliability;

SUV Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser. Toyota is one of the most reliable brands of cars, and the model of the Landkrucher trailer is not exceeded. In the rating evaluation of 2015, it hit the high ground clearance, excellent corners of the descent or the elevator. From the shortcomings of the model of this brand of the most reliable cars in 2015, experts pay attention to the small street display angle. The presence of a compass and a flow meter reading;

SUV Mercedes G-Class
  • Mercedes G-Class. The German Concern line has been in production for 50 years. It is considered the most reliable car, which is no coincidence that it was originally produced for the requirements of the army. If you are looking for the most reliable "German" in quality and comfort, choose "Gelendvagen". Reliance on the car with mileage adds hard locking of the rear and front bridges, but such a car is expensive;

Nissan Xterra SUV.
  • Nissan Xterra. The "Nissan Ikster" is fighting behind the title of the most reliable SUV car from the nineties. Under the car with mileage, this jeep is suitable for amateurs of outdoor activities and off-road roads on the passability thanks to the Pro-4X package;

RAM Power Wagon SUV
  • RAM Power Wagon. If you're not a supporter of the most economical cars, this technical spec ranking is for you. It has a differential blocker and an automatic stabilizer shutdown;

  • FORD F-150 RAPTOR. Among the used cars for comfortable, such a pickup truck is also suitable for trips in the desert. Thanks to the front differential, indestructible suspension and off-road camera, it is the most reliable in all conditions. In the ranking of cars in Asia, this American unexpectedly broke into the leaders;

  • "Hammer H1". In the list of cars of 2016 it will not be found. It hasn't been released for 10 years. In the ranking of security cars, he also turned out to be used by the army;

SUV Jeep Wrangler.
  • Jeep Wrangler. A simple and reliable jeep is equipped with a 260-strong engine, high ground clearance and good stabilizers.

Top 10 passenger cars

Among passenger cars, the list of the most reliable cars in 2015 looks like this:

Toyota Car. Prius.
  • "Toyota Prius". Answering the question in which the car is the most reliable, economical and economical, many immediately remember this hybrid. Such a diesel car immediately turns into the most economical thanks to the electric motor. Complies with Euro-5 standards;

Car Volkswagen Golf.
  • Volkswagen Golf. This member of the rating of reliable cars is suitable for Russian realities due to the presence of high clearance. The most economical I. salra car. Designed for comfortable city travel;

Toyota Corolla car.
  • Toyota Corolla. The most reliable "Japanese" (next to the "Prius") is one of the most economical on the street. Among the fellow vehicles equipped with Automata on the gearbox, this leads;

Honda Civic car.
  • "Honda Civic". This most reliable budget car looks stylish; it is the best economy among cars in its price range. Economical engines are installed on the "Honda" car;

Toyota Car Rav4.
  • Toyota Rav4. For a couple of dozen years of existence, this passenger car has become one of the leaders of the big city. Fourth Generation Diesel Cars Delight Consumers with Good Suspension, Aggressive Appearance, Cost-Effective Operation;

Mazda car 3.
  • Mazda 3. What kind of equipment will be from this machine you choose, but in each modification there is a beautiful motor and high quality electronics.

Car Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz C. This is not the most economical model, but relatively cheap due to the standards of "Mercedes". Users pay attention to the durability of the engine;

Car Porsche Panamera.
  • Porsche Panamera. Not very cheap in terms of fuel consumption, the model, although it is equipped with high quality electronics;

Car Audi A6.
  • "Audi A6". The most economical sedan from Audi is equipped with a wonderful engine and in the German quality assembly. The body is not subject to corrosion;

Car Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz S. If you are not looking for the most economical option, then "Mercedes" is for you. Its body needs practically no maintenance, and the millionth engine has served as faithful for decades.

Very often people look to profitable buying options on the internet. They are bought out of the cabin more often than cars without a run. There are several objective reasons that the secondary car market explains a great demand for the secondary car in our compatriots. However, used cars also have some form disadvantages caused by natural aging machines and contribute to the creation of several defects. Therefore, experienced motorists recommend choosing among the most reliable cars with mileage. And do it on the basis of real studies and tests, so that an objective evaluation of such a parameter can give as reliability.

The top of the aftermarket most reliable cars.

Features rating.

It is not that easy to find the list of the most reliable used cars. However, this does not abandon the active growth in the popularity of used cars. The choice for used cars is explained for several basic reasons:

  1. Price. In the secondary market, the cost of the car is noticeably lower than new cars from the cabin. For the same money, you can buy completely different cars from the dealer and choose between the options used.
  2. Range. Many comment on the decision that in the secondary market the choice is much more. Because the buyer is below what you can decide to infer that and find the most acceptable option for one or another property.
  3. Equipment. The same car, but with a difference of 1 - 2 years, is completely different. For a certain amount you can take a car from the salon in the basic configuration. But also offered a used version of 1 to 2 years of the mileage for similar money, but in the medium or top-end configuration.