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Don't keep your appointment waiting at the bar

Inexperienced men who want to use an escort service for the first time often do not know exactly what to consider. Which location is the right one for a first meeting? And what generally has to be considered at the first meeting? If you follow our tips, you can be sure that your meeting will be an absolute success.

Before the first meeting

The first meeting with an escort goes well with a first date to compare. Most likely, you will get very excited and think through your behavior a few times. It is important that you are properly on your upcoming escort meetingprepare:

  • Communicate intimate wishes and define services. Discuss with the escort on the phone what sexual desires you have and ask about the taboos of your escort in order to explore possible limits. Fill in the if necessary Fetish questionnaire out. Important: With the Prostitution Protection Act, condoms are mandatory from July 1, 2017 - regardless of whether vaginal, anal or oral sex. Do not try to circumvent the law with financial offers, otherwise you risk high fines.
  • Money. Discuss the financial framework on the phone, what costs how much for what duration. Also ask whether any additional costs such as travel or possible waiting times will be charged. Keep the money in cash. Payment is then made usually always on site and in advance.
  • personal hygiene. Take before the meeting take a long bath or take a hot shower.Also, brush your teeth and take care of your body. You will be much more relaxed and self-confident and also have more fun if you are well-groomed and have taken care of your hygiene.
  • Nobody can refuse a small sip of alcohol in honor. A small amount of alcohol before the meeting can calm your nerves, but please don't overdo it. Your escort date won't be thrilled if you appear drunk and smell like alcohol.
  • Choose the right clothes. Your call girl will dress up for you. Look out for one too certain elegance, suitable for the environment, the restaurant or hotel.
  • gift. Ask your escort for one little attention, like perfume, flowers, or chocolates that you could bring with you. Your escort will be happy with the souvenir and will react much more relaxed to your wishes.
  • condom. To protect against venereal diseases, the legislature has one Condom requirement introduced. Make sure you bring enough condoms of the right size with you. If you want a blowjob, you should use condoms with taste.
  • reliability. Also pay attention punctuality. In many cases, your escort date is still scheduled or has other appointments, so your meeting can be shortened if you show up too late. Showing up too early also often has disadvantages - especially when you visit the escort in your private apartment. If you can't keep your appointment with your escort after all, then you should definitely cancel by phone. Politeness and reliability are also very important in this business - for the customer and for the escort.

The right location for a first meeting

You now know how to do yourself prepare perfectly for your first meeting, but you are still completely at a loss, where exactly such an appointment should take place? Then you should read on now.

The First meeting usually starts quite harmlessly. Public locations that are also suitable for a normal date are ideal. In most cases, the customer takes his escort companion to dinner, to the cinema or even to a theater. Your escort date will most likely entertain you in the evening in style and class - after all, you have booked a full companion.

When your date ended in a public location is, it usually works directly to the hotel room. Many agencies even prohibit the escort from accompanying the customer home. Of course you have to go to the hotel room Book in advance. What then happens in the hotel room is up to you. Of course there can be sex, but many customers also book an escort just to have a nice evening. These meetings usually end with a drink at the bar - people don't go to the hotel room together.

This is how you behave correctly during the meeting

The cinema can also be a meeting point

The theory is now clear. However, you keep wondering how exactly do you behave at the meeting? What can you do and what should you avoid? This will now be discussed. Greet your company politely and take a seat if you meet in a restaurant or bar. Usually the pay settled. Hit your escort date now drink in front of you and have a casual conversation. Be sure to be polite and courteous, leave on first contact not yet up close. If you have a lot of respect in the beginning, it will surely benefit you later. tries avoid private questions, because usually your escort date will hardly reveal any personal things. It is better to ask about personal, but rather superficial, preferences and talk about famous films and music. You are also welcome to tell some jokes. You will notice that the ice breaks so quickly.

To not be shy

After you both have gotten to know each other a bit and are relaxed with each other, you can too more intimate details are discussed. Your companion will certainly also ask you which sexual practices you want or whether you want sexual intercourse at all. The fetish questionnaire can help. If your escort does not want to do certain things, you should accept this and not push it. If you consider all of these things, your first meeting with an escort companion is sure to be a complete success.

Keep reading Etiquette rules in call girl etiquette - rules for dealing with escort ladies.


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