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#KeepYourTicket & donations: How fans show solidarity


Niklas Kaulbersch

Health comes first - for all of us. The corona crisis is particularly hard on the event industry. Many small organizers, clubs and sports associations are dependent on the income from ticket sales. Here you can find out what fans can do in these times to ensure the existence of many live offers even after the Corona crisis.

Support #CrewNation Global Fund

We are all in a new situation in which our own four walls have become more important than ever. Instead of admiring their favorite band in the front row, cheering on the team in the stadium or indulging in first-class cultural highlights, for most people their own apartment is sensibly the new “place to be”.

Health comes first for all of us - for ourselves and for others. We hope you are all doing well and are already looking forward to the time after the crisis, when we can all get together again and experience unique live moments. So that many events can also take place in the future, there are various ways in which you can now support artists, sports associations, clubs, organizers and cultural workers from home. Be it just being patient, fundraising campaigns like #CrewNation or Clubs directly support or through Streams even small artists to bring more attention from home.

#CrewNation Fund by Live Nation

Not only clubs and associations are suffering from the current situation - of course, all people who work in the live industry are currently affected. With Live Nation, the largest concert organizer in the world has declared itself ready, the many crew members and tour staffwho are facing financial problems due to concert cancellations and postponements with a fund.

Overall should $ 10 million come together, Live Nation has already made half of the sum available. The other half comes from donations that will be collected over the next few weeks. Not only do many artists and bands like Coldplay, Lady Gaga and U2 help out - the fans can also support the campaign from home. Those who want to participate can donate directly or buy merchandise.

Here you can find all information & links about the #CrewNation fundraising campaign!

Cosmo Klein organizes online festival for a good cause

The Berlin musician and songwriter Cosmo Klein presents together with his own label "Cosmopolytix" on Thursday 7th May a special online concert: From 9 p.m., over a dozen musicians from all over the world will come together via the video chat and stream program Zoom. Cosmo Klein has brought together international band musicians who have already stood on stage with stars like Alicia Keys, Sarah Connor, Sting or Rea Garvey.

Via a zoom call, the virtually connected supergroup under the title COSMOPOLYTIX UNLOCKED brings an evening of concert feeling into the living room. Anyone who gets a virtual ticket here at Ticketmaster not only receives access to the live stream, but also does something good: 25% of the ticket revenue goes to the Initiative Musikwho cares for musicians in need in Germany.

Support venues & clubs during the Corona crisis

Dance all night long, experience live gigs or just have a beer - smaller clubs and concert locations are particularly affected by the ban on going out. The problems of the operators are as diverse as the club landscape in Germany. We'll give you a few tips on how you can help your favorite club now.

Keep an eye on your favorite club

A naturally obvious tip that certainly applies not only to the club of trust, but also to the bar, the corner pub, the bookstore, the record store ... Nevertheless: We are just noticing that we have taken all these types of hearts for granted for a long time and are learning painful that the financial planning there is often sewn to the edge in everyday business.

That is why, now more than ever, we recommend that Social media or websites of your favorite clubs to check. When things run out, the first thing you will find there is the accident report, usually linked to a donation call, a Gofundme page or a PayPal link.

Sure, everyone has to budget these days, because many of them have short-time working or something similar, but many clubs may have helped the amount that the four beers would have cost that they would have drunk there at the next concert.

Local initiatives for clubs and cultural workers

The creative and cultural workers in various cities are showing themselves to be very solidarity and creative - and there is often damn good entertainment too. Three of these initiatives are briefly presented here.

  • In Hamburg For example, you can buy tickets and merch for a festival where the Beatles, Abba, Billie Eilish, Die Ärzte, Green Day and many others. a. Not playing. At "Nobody comes" So it's about a playful donation for the preservation of the Hamburg club landscape - and with a clear conscience there is still a ticket or a shirt with a dream line-up.
  • The club scene in Berlin meanwhile offers live streams with sets from the Berlin clubs almost every day. On "United We Stream" you can also purchase pretty fancy merch for donations or become a sponsoring member.
  • Works similarly "Stayed in" For Cologne, which was initiated by the Kulturtipp sites Rausgommen and Ask Helmut, but is not limited to music streams, but also shows, for example, the session of a well-known Pilates trainer in addition to living room concerts. So maybe there is something similar in your city? Check it out.

tip: Lots of current live streams including further donation options for DJs, clubs, cultural workers and co. can be found here!

Become a #culturretter, donate & stream

Due to the large number of event cancellations and postponements, many cultural workers have to fear for their existence. That is why the #kulturretter initiative from Munich primarily supports smaller bands, authors, groups, artists and many other people from the cultural industry in relocating their offers to the Internet via live stream. Every day there are plenty of readings, concerts and all kinds of culture for young and oldin the YouTube stream here on the #kulturretter channel

If you want to donate, you can also do so easily with your Ticketmaster account. Choose yourselvesSimply buy your donation ticket for € 5 (or several of course) here and help to ensure that cultural workers can continue to offer concerts and live events in the future.

You can find more information about the #kulturretter initiative, an overview of the program and other help options

Save the wrestling scene with ghost tickets

The German wrestling scene also suffers greatly from the ban on events and contacts. The largest wrestling league in Germany, which under the name wXw - We Love Wrestling allows people to enter the ring throughout Germany, offers virtual donation tickets to cushion the corona-related losses. In addition, a new season "wXw Shotgun 2020" to be recorded.

As a thank you for the donors, the wXw team came up with something: Anyone who secures a ticket (standing room, seat or VIP) for the virtual wrestling event will be named in the credits in the credits, will receive signed posters or on request special merchandise.

You can find all information and donation options here.

Donation tickets for sports clubs

Ghost games, cancellations and chaos of appointments: The effects of Corona on sport are also devastating. Due to the lack of income, many clubs are threatened in their existence these days. As fans, you are currently asked more than ever to support your club.

In order to make this possible, some clubs have already thought of creative ways of how you can help from the comfort of your home. Be it a ticket for that virtual farewell game, supporter game or even the virtual stadium bratwurst with beer - For example, you can easily support the following clubs with your Ticketmaster account:

You can find more information about supporting sports clubs here.

Ban on contact hits the event industry hard

The week-long ban on contact, social and physical distancing and the associated official bans on live events of all sizes hit the event industry particularly hard. Many club operators, sports clubs, venues, organizers, employees and artists - in short, all companies and people in the event industry - are threatened with their existence because of the current situation.

We have put together for you what you, fans and visitors of postponed live events, can now do to simplify the tense situation for cultural workers, associations or clubs. Do you want to support your favorite club, sports club or band without direct donations? If you can, keep your tickets first and wait for alternative dates - especially for smaller events and club shows.

#KeepYourTicket: Solidarity with the event industry

Especially for smaller events with a manageable number of spectators, but also for many sports events, the motto is now: #KeepYourTicket. If you can afford it, you should think again whether a return and reimbursement of the costs is really necessary. Every ticket that is not returned ensures the existence of many organizers, locations and clubs even in the post-Corona era - and thus the attendance of attractive events in the future.

That is why Ticketmaster, in solidarity with the European Association of Event Centers, appeals to all fans: #KeepYourTicket - No reimbursement of ticket costs and tries to keep the new dates.