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"I'll show what I want!" - Muslim women and fashion

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When people talk about Islamic fashion, many people immediately think of the headscarf or burqa debate. Fashion is a topic that interests most Muslim women - whether they wear a headscarf or not. In northern German cities, too, there are more and more shops specializing in Islamic fashion. How can religion and fashion be combined and what do Muslim women pay attention to when buying clothes?

"If a woman goes out in public, she has to be completely covered. Only her face and her hands can be seen. And the clothes should be a bit plain, not tight and not see-through." This is how Abdul Rahman explains the Islamic dress code. He works in a shop for Islamic fashion in Hamburg. Islamic robes for men hang in the entrance area of ​​his shop. One floor up is the paradise of every traditional Muslim woman. A whole floor full of robes and headscarves, each in simple variations or with decorations.

Yaren is a trainee in Abdul's shop. The 20-year-old adheres to the Islamic dress code. Even today she wears a headscarf, i.e. a hijab, and a black, wide robe. "Usually there are pants underneath, but you don't see that," she says. When they are among themselves, says Yaren, Muslim women can dress as they like. Just because they wear a headscarf, they care about fashion: "You are a woman. We do that among women anyway, we show our other sides. Not when we go out. When you celebrate between women, for example at Henna evening, you usually don't recognize them anymore. "

Islam-compliant and yet modern

But there are also women who dress in conformity with Islam, but do not want to do without modern fashion in public. Sonia from Berlin has her own style: "Actually kept very simple. Nothing close-fitting, more nude tones, so nothing glaring. That's my style." Sonia keeps posting outfits of herself on social media. She likes to wear baggy trousers and long cardigans. She buys a lot of clothes in Malaysia. With her Instagram profile, the young Muslim wants to show that there are women like her: "People like me can draw more attention to it through their Instagram account, for example. And I think they should be more courageous."

"Fashion is also a way of expressing yourself"

Tina from Hamburg doesn't wear long robes either when she goes out on the street. But she pays attention to certain details: "That it is not transparent, that it is not too short and not too tight. So that the most important parts of the body are still covered." She finds her outfits mainly at large fashion chains. Sometimes she also buys in stores specializing in Islamic clothing. Just because a woman covers her body and wears a headscarf doesn't mean that she is also giving up her personality, says Tina: "Fashion is also a way of expressing who you are. That's why it's sometimes difficult, especially with Muslims Fashion, because at some point many people leave their identity on it. And they all look the same. That was also my problem when I started to dress more covered. That I can find a way to dress covered, so that it corresponds to my religion, but at the same time to be myself. "

Blogger Sonia from Berlin also sees it this way: "I just don't like looking like everyone else. I would never say that I am a trendsetter. I love to be inspired. When I see women having beautiful wide coats wear, minimalist cuts - I think that's very nice. "

Always new trends

In the USA and England in particular, there are many young Muslim women who cover themselves up but dress in modern clothes: they call themselves "Hijabistas". A combination of the words hijab and fashionista. There are always new trends in the Muslim fashion world.

Especially when it comes to how the headscarves are tied, women always come up with something new, observes blogger Sonia: "I have a lot of friends in my circle of friends who wear turbans. Or loosely wrap the headscarf." But more important to her than a fashion trend is that women wear what they feel comfortable in: "And only show what you want. And that is associated with an incredible amount of self-confidence. And I prefer my hijab - but only when I'm among women. "

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