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Google Shopping is now free - everything you need to know

Are you already doing Google Shopping and have yours Product data feed connected to the Google Merchant Center, the first is sufficient Participation in the "Google Platforms" program. But the same applies to you: Take a critical look at your product feed. Because in order to achieve a good position in the ranking, the Data quality more important than ever. The underlying goal is to provide product information in such a way that the ideal match between search query and product is created. Everyone should also be familiar with the phenomenon that the competition is still manageable for paid advertising. If something is suddenly free, it quickly becomes full.

In order to be at the forefront, the following factors are decisive:

  • Data quality
  • Degree of optimization and timeliness
  • competitive product prices
  • Delivery time and availability.

Are you now toying with the idea of ​​switching off your paid Google Ads and, alternatively, preferring only to rely on free Google Shopping? Be careful! Because that can lead to a significant drop in sales. Rather see organic Google Shopping as a useful addition to paid ads and as an opportunity to open up a new sales channel.

Tips for a good placement and more success when using the free shopping platform

To improve the performance of the free listings in the Shopping tab, use the following tips to optimize your product information and website:

1.- Optimize Google Shopping Feed

As mentioned earlier a high qualityGoogle Shopping Feed the first requirement and the most important optimization lever for successful Google Shopping campaigns. The data contained in it can be seen by the users and is ultimately decisive for the purchase. The better the data basis - i.e. the cleaner the product data feed and the markup for structured data on the website - the better! This also requires manual work and the online shop must be well set up.

Of particular importance is the specification of the so-called Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)which, like an article number, identifies the inventory or the product and makes the products of an online shop comparable with other providers.

2.- Which SEO measures have an impact on success?

General SEO criteria are another important key to optimization. Every product that is included in the Google Shopping feed should - on the basis of a search term analysis - be optimized in the following points:

  • An individual product text is an important point of contact for the algorithm in order to be able to correctly assign the product to the search query. This should contain the most important search terms as well as product features and target the needs of the user.
  • An individual meta title gives the Google algorithm "food" to match its own products with the user's search query. The meta title should also be geared towards the most effective search terms that result from the search term analysis.
  • An individual meta description outlines the topic as concisely and appealingly as possible and also includes the most important search terms.

In addition, there is still further requirements for the product pagethat must be met in order to achieve a good placement in the organic product lists:

  • Product pictures: Good product images are the be-all and end-all. Your product images should have a high resolution, represent the article optimally and comply with Google's guidelines.
  • Mobile display: The number of mobile accesses continues to grow and therefore your landing pages should be optimized according to the needs of mobile searchers.
  • PageSpeed: Your shop shouldn't have any problems when it comes to page loading time. The faster your website is, the better the user experience and the higher the crawl frequency.

3.- Prioritization: For which products is the entry into organic Google Shopping worthwhile?

You are sure to wonder which products are the best The prospect of more sales and where an introduction to organic Google Shopping is worthwhile. Based on current ads in Google Shopping, we can using a calculation method classify the products with the best chance of success. Crucial key performance indicators such as profitability and price comparison value are taken into account. As an experienced SEA agency, we would be happy to support you in identifying the products with the best sales potential and in setting up a well thought-out campaign structure.

That's why Google Shopping pays off for you - especially with the free option:

Google Shopping is fundamentally worthwhile for all online retailers and all product lines in accordance with the Google guidelines (excluding closed B2B online shops, for example). The new way to use Google Shopping for free is helping almost all companies to generate more customers and more sales. The changeover - right at the beginning of this year's Christmas business - is likely to appeal to many interest groups positive effects to have:

  • For advertisers: Paid ads can be supplemented with additional free product placements. This increases your own range significantly.
  • For newcomers: Even without a large marketing budget, retailers can offer their products to a large number of people - an attractive option for small and local retailers in particular.
  • For consumers: There are more products available from different retailers and therefore there are more options for selection and comparison.

What is behind the transformation of Google Shopping?

Apparently, Google would like to take this measure in the context of the current corona pandemic small and medium-sized businesses help to compete with “big players” and strengthen the retail sector. In fact, there could be a lot more to it than that: In recent years, Google has increasingly lost its dominant position in e-commerce search queries to Amazon. Over 50% of product-related search queries are now made directly on Amazon and no longer on Google. Other online marketplaces such as eBay and Zalando are also gaining more and more market power. That suggests that the Google Shopping switch had been planned for some time and the Covid-19 outbreak only accelerated those plans. With the increased number of products in the organic product lists, the attractiveness of Google Shopping for customers increases again. So Google would probably not only want to support the small retailers, but also in particular Market shares in the transactional area win back.

Organic Google Shopping has been implemented in the USA since April. Google boss Matt Brittin already drew a positive interim balance: “Retailers who were represented in the shopping tab were able to register twice as many views of their products. The clicks took off 50 percent to."

Initial experiences from our customer projects also show that the Results of organic Google Shopping listingssignificantly higher compared to classic Google Shopping Ads or Smart Shopping campaigns. In some cases, the conversion rate was even twice as high.


For all dealers it is now: Use opportunities to generate additional traffic and sales! In particular, small and medium-sized companies that have so far refrained from placing shopping ads for budget or margin reasons can benefit from free Google Shopping in the future. For experienced retailers, organic Google Shopping is a useful addition to paid shopping ads, but not a substitute.

If you have never dealt with the topic of shopping feed optimization before, then you should start now at the latest. We would be happy to help you improve your starting position for organic listing and make full use of the full advertising potential of Google Shopping. We are a certified Google Premier Partner and, as a Google Shopping Agency, have many years of experience in dealing with the Google Merchant Center and optimizing product landing pages.