What is IDLE in Python

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Post Tue Nov 24, 2009 15:57

cofi wrote:Isn't that the standard way to start something under Windows? Isn't it obvious enough to look there?
For once, not for me!
I'm the kind of person who analyzes the folders from front to back and looks for a program like a needle in a haystack instead of just looking in the start bar.
I'm sorry, but that's how I am!

cofi wrote:Yes. However, there is still `Thinking like a computer scientist` that may be even easier - throw in a search engine you trust. `Python for Kids` was also mentioned more often in the forum.
Thanks for the tip. I took a look at 'Thinking like a computer scienist' and somehow find it a lot more interesting. I think I'll start with that.
Hmm ... 'Phyton for Kids'? I'll take a look too. I hope this doesn't make me feel too stupid. ^^

cofi wrote:You can only learn a language if you are motivated, this also includes getting involved with the terminology and looking up Wikipedia etc. if necessary. However, "technical term" can be interpreted arbitrarily broadly, for someone who can only save `Word texts`, IMHO is everything that has to do with the computer.
Yes that's true. I'm already very motivated, but the problem is that I let myself be demotivated by the technical terms too quickly, because I think you have to understand them 100% from the beginning, because they are essential for progress.
And when I get myself back on track, it starts all over again.

PS: Omg, what is German a difficult language. D:
I hope you understand everything.