Does your job kill your creativity

No more 0815: The most creative job advertisements

New year, new luck: Especially at the turn of the year, many people think “Now I'll do it!” Once you have accessed the various career websites for the first time, the initial motivation is quickly replaced by the monotony of the recurring “We are looking for ... You should bring with you… Salary is negotiable… ”is displaced. And then suddenly she scrolls into your field of vision, knocks you down with her coolness and makes your eyes shine again with her creativity. This refers to creative job advertisements that you might find once among thousands and that also tell you that your potential employer not only understands fun, but is also, unfortunately, awesome.

1. Kill me!

Why clarify clichés when they are just right? This is probably what the Hamburg advertising agency thought, or rather the copywriter who was looking for new colleagues between two coffees and motivational scotchs. Even if there still seems to be a last bit of chauvinism in advertising: We'd like to apply to Jung von Matt!



2. Please wear a tie! Or not?

Argh, financial advice! Even the description of the industry stinks of briefcase, suit and tie. Or not? FINUM Private Finance AG is not only looking for new employees with its job advertisement, but also makes a statement: Everyone should wear what they feel comfortable in. So what type are you? Tie or casual?



3. On your marks, get set, bully!

In one keynote after the other, they want to teach us that we should treat each other with respect. But let's be honest, your dear colleagues only stand in the way of your career anyway. Elephant Seven now offers the solution: Contact the Hamburg advertising agency and get a free weekend in Amsterdam as a reward!



4. I want to go to Sweden!

Does that sound like a dangerous threat to shop with an hour-long stay at IKEA? It gets worse! The Swedish furniture giant is looking for people who spend every working day with them, get lost in the aisles full-time and munch on hot dogs from the Swedish snack bar. Why is it still worth learning the unpronounceable product names by heart? Read it yourself!



5. Let's start puzzling!

Have you ever wondered what SEO specialists do in their free time? Most likely, solve crossword puzzles. Because otherwise you will not get a job at the Internet agency Webfeinschliff. Are you qualified enough to sniff out the solution on Google?



6. Come to you Fuzzis and Trullas!

Are you undemanding and still do your best? Are you into retro and basement crypts? New work is just as gruesome for you as the well-worn bars of a kicker? Then let's go to cocodibu! You can get used to the job title Trulla or Fuzzi in advance 😉



7. Sherlock's new case

Sure, typos are embarrassing. Especially if you are a graphic designer. And a lot more if you work for an advertising agency. That is why Horizon FCB asked for this core qualification in its job advertisement. Would you be enough Sherlock to grab the job?



8. Farmer is looking for egg-laying woolly milk sow

According to Duden, a woolly milk sow is a fantasy farm animal that combines the characteristics of chicken, sheep, cow and pig, satisfies all needs and meets all demands. At Brandenburger Radio they are simply called editors. Sounds good, because you always wanted to be a farmer anyway? Then first dig around a bit in the haystack on kununu, because apparently BB Radio is really pretty porky!