What is an example of romance


ClassicromanceSole center: WEIMARseveral urban centers: Berlin, Jena, Heidelberg Main protagonists: Goethe and SchillerDiversity of independent authors, circles and "schools": Heidelberg and Jena Romanticism, Berlin Romanticism, Swabian School Affinity to the nobility (ennobled citizens: v. Goethe)
Refinement of the bourgeoisie through the nobility's way of life see Goethe's "Wilhelm Meister"Bourgeois background or bourgeois nobility
Anti-bourgeois attitude: Philistine criticism and preoccupation with "folk-like":

Fairy tales, songs, sagas, folk beliefs (Grimm's fairy tales, Des Knaben Wunderhorn, Hauff's fairy tales)

Model effect of antiquityLonging for the Middle Ages (German Empire) religious skepticismTurning to religion (Catholicism) Rationalizing the MythRecovery of a> new myth <: folk soul, national idea, Far Eastern (Sanskrit) Program: harmonize mind and feelingUnleash the powers of imagination and intuition:
Discovery of the> dark soul <, the night side of existence (the "unconscious" e.g. in E.T.A. Hoffmann) closed literary forms:
Classical drama, ancient meters and forms (elegy, distich, blank verse)open forms, experiments, fragments, satire, free-rhythmic chants (Novalis: Hymns to the night)
but also popular, simple song forms (Eichendorff, Wilhelm Müller, Brentano, Ludwig Uhland)