Which is the best luau on Oahu

There are a number of well-known public luaus and many hotels also offer their own events. These usually take place in the open air, often right by the sea or even on the beach.

Of course, these festivities are made especially for tourists in large groups and entertainment and fun are the focus here.

Most of the time, the participants are greeted with a lei and the first cocktail.
Before eating, the Imu (an earth oven) and the dishes cooked in it are presented to the guests. This is usually a whole pig that is cooked for hours in the Imu, the Kalua Pig.

With very few exceptions, the food is served in the form of a buffet.

The seating arrangement provides for large and / or long tables and the seats are usually allocated on a “first come, first served” basis. Often, premium packages can be booked that guarantee seats in the front rows and also contain other goodies.

Music and dances were extended to the entire Polynesian area, so that in addition to the hula dances from Hawaii, local dances and chants from Tahiti, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Tonga, Fiji or the Marquesas Islands are performed. Most of the shows end with a highlight, the Samoan fire dance.

There is almost always a supporting program - not infrequently to join in. Have you always wanted to open a coconut, dance a hula or tie a lei? Of course, there are also some souvenir stands.

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