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Quora: Question-answer platform starts in Germany

Violations of netiquette and internal guidelines should also be identified using an algorithm. A German-speaking employee keeps an eye on negative reports. Quora wants to ensure a high level of quality of the content. Spam, plagiarism and trolls should also be identified in this way.

"For the time being there will be no advertising in Germany"

According to Adam D'Angelo, former CTO at Facebook, content quality is first priority. Only then does the number of users come - 200 million unique users per month at the moment. Much lower in the list of priorities is monetization through advertising. "Fortunately, we have investors who are very patient," D'Angelo told W&V. In the spring, Quora closed the fourth financing round of 85 million US dollars.

It wasn't until seven years after the star, in May 2017, that the English-language platform opened up to advertising. "In Germany, too, there will be no advertising in the first few years," promises the founder. First of all, it is important to build the platform with a long-term perspective and to ensure the quality of the content.

For example, it is a no-go when employees of companies integrate advertising in responses. The answers should in principle be free of advertising. Nevertheless, D'Angelo believes Quora is a potential marketing tool: lawyers or consultants, for example, could demonstrate their skills.

Recruits become aware of competent Quora users

The platform is also used for recruiting: "Many users have found new jobs through it because recruiters became aware of you," says the 32-year-old. Journalists are also looking for experts or researching background information, he adds.

But first and foremost, the average consumer should get competent answers to questions likeWhat languages ​​are best for teaching programming to children ages 8-9? orIs globalization the reason why there are many empty shops in the city centers? orHow can I make top quality pizza at home?