What's the scariest game you've ever played

10 Free And Terrifying Games To Play This Halloween

It's the season of fear and anxiety, and what's the best way to scare yourself stupid other than playing a few games to fuel your nightmares?

There are several critically acclaimed video games like silent Hill and Dead spacethat will fill you with real terror 4 video games that will really scare you [MUO Gaming] 4 video games that will really scare you [MUO Gaming] video games are capable of the emotions and feelings that come with movies and other forms to capture the conversation. That being said, video games always seem to struggle with people's laughter and… Read more. You also have episodic video games. 5 Lesser Known Episodic Games On Steam You Should Play 5 Lesser Known Episodic Games On Steam That You Should Play Don't call it a comeback. Episodic games have been around for years! Read More Penumbrawhat will scare you more than once. But these games aren't cheap.

Fortunately, there are plenty of lesser-known horror games out there. 4 Bone Chilling Horror Games From PlayStation 2 That You Have Never Heard 4 Bone Chilling Horror Games Coming From PlayStation 2 PS2 Horror Gems. Read More You just have to know where to find them. Here is a quick list to get you started.

Browser games

1. Eager [No longer available]

Greedy is an old browser game from 2010 that is still alive today. It's extremely short - beatable within 5 minutes - and is hardly one of them "game" at all, but for the short amount of time you spend on it, it's very scary and unsettling, especially towards the end.

2. eyes

eyes is a simple game where you can collect them all, but don't leave your vigilance behind for a moment either. Threats lurk around every corner and you need to be persistent if you are to survive. it's scary, atmospheric and shocking.

3. Dark illusion

"Three seconds and I'm scared." Before playing this game, take this commentator's words to heart. And not only is it terrifying as a browsing experience, but you can play Dark illusion with an Oculus Rift for a more haunted, creepier time.

4. Hide and seek

An innocent name hide and seek is already unimaginatively creepy, but if the name doesn't sell you in this game it will show the thumbnails. This is a simple collect-'em-all game too, but most of the people who play it stop before they find the last memory. Will you?

5. Free ice cream

As soon as you load this game you will be struck by a creepy distortion of the traditional “ice cream van song” that we have all heard before. Horrible in its narrative, this simple puzzle game destroys a child's innocence in a way that requires a real emotional response. It's haunting.

Downloadable games

1. Vanish (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Disappear This is the type of game that you stop playing because you can't stand to see what's around the next corner. It's scary and menacing in the right way, but best of all, it's cross-platform! If you want a free horror experience there is no reason Not to play this.

2. Slim (Windows, Mac)

By now everyone has heard of the Slenderman legend from one source or another, and it may have gotten worse in the past few years - but if you haven't already, you should really play Slim. You can finish it in less than 30 minutes but you will be pointlessly scared of the end.

3. White day (Windows)

white day is a Korean game that was eventually abandoned due to poor sales and made available for free download with an English patch. It's an oldie (released in 2000) but is considered the scariest game ever by many who have played it. It has a lot in common with amnesiaIf you like this, you will love this.

4. SCP Containment Violation (Windows)

"Don't blink or you will die." SCP containment violation find out when horror meets the procedural generation. How the procedural generation overtook the game industry How the procedural generation took over the game industry Read more. Your goal is to escape the containment side, but the world is randomly generated each game so no two passes are the same. This game is just a look at what might be possible with future advances in procedural generation. No Man's Sky and the future of procedural games No Man's Sky and the future of procedural games If you haven't heard of No Man's Sky, you are missing out. This open world adventure game pioneered a new standard in procedural generation, a topic that is interesting even if you don't ... Read on.

5. 7 days (Windows)

Don't confuse it with 7 days to die. As an Experimental Indie Game Xbox Indie Games: 5 Games You Won't Believe In Will Cost Just A Dollar Xbox Indie Games: 5 Games You Won't Believe In Cost Only A Dollar Here are six titles that will keep you going for hours for just Can play € 1. Read More 7 days not worth playing, but thanks to the low poly graphics, this game has a bizarrely eerie feel to it. It's a great game full of emotions and hauntings, and it deserves a chance.

No better time to be scared than now

Remember that the above games may be also scary for kids. However, we think children should be able to attend the Frightfest, which is Halloween. Hence, here are some scary games that are suitable for kids. 6 Scary Halloween Games Perfect For Kids 6 Scary Halloween Games Perfect For Kids Ask any child. Halloween is more than just an hour of going door to door collecting enough sugary candy to start a diabetic coma. It's a full day to celebrate the scares. Read More

What games are you playing this Halloween? What's the scariest game you've ever played? It doesn't have to be free, but if it does, then even better! Let us know in the comments below.

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