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I want to change my life: 14 simple rituals that will help you

Do you want to change your life Could your life be a little better? Ok, I admit this is an eminently stupid question.

Because better is always possible. At least that's what our society today tells us. You never arrived. It always has to be more, better, higher, further.

The majority of people (probably you too) are stuck in a hamster wheel and the wish “I want to change my life” is omnipresent for many. Unfortunately, it is precisely the job hamster wheel and daily treadmill that thwart that day in and day out.

You have to function, do your job well, go on vacation every now and then and thus integrate yourself into the system. The question of meaning, of your life's task, of self-determination and self-realization is pushed aside because it seems unrealistic to you.

But let's leave the hamster wheel everyday stuff and concentrate on you.

If tomorrow is to go better than yesterday, you don't have to change anything groundbreaking.

It just starts with how you see things, what the right attitude towards your life is, how you deal with yourself, and what you think about making money and being successful.

Change life: Your attitude is the alpha and omega

As I said, it's not about big things: try these 6 little cogs when it comes to making your life better.

Start each day with gratitude

While you're still in bed, in the shower, or on the way to work, you simply make a small list in your head of everything for which you are grateful. This little mental exercise shifts your focus to all the good things in your life.

Be patient.

Our society has trained us to be quick. Everything has to be immediate and the results of your actions should be visible as quickly as possible, only some things in life take time.

Patience is an almost forgotten virtue. But it can be very satisfying not always to squint at the result but to enjoy the way there.

Changing lives is not a result. It's a process, a way. Every day brings you another step. Impatience won't get you anywhere. Impatience makes you not enjoy the process or even take steps in the wrong direction.


Collect moments, not things

Do "things" really make you happy for a long time? The new car, the new pair of shoes, the new handbag or the expensive watch? You and I know that there is great joy at first that fades very, very quickly, and then things get normal. So you need something new again to maintain the supposed "feeling of happiness".

Changing your life has to do with doing more of what you love, spending more time with it, and making your dreams not dreams but memories. And it's about doing more with the people you love.

Things mean nothing. Nice moments that you have experienced with your loved ones, yes.

Here you will find a suitable book tip *!

Believe in yourself more

I know that sounds so easy to say now, just how do you do it?

Changing your life also means trusting yourself: in your own abilities, your own competence, your own knowledge and often asking yourself what your personal strengths are.

Because in your life there are many things that you have mastered. And that will help you to master the hurdles in the future and to achieve the goals.

Think about how babies learn to walk. It doesn't work right away. They often fall down but still don't give up. And it takes a really long time before you can really walk. A 10-year-old falls more often and is still not as confident as a 30-year-old adult. But when it comes to “going” we just don't give up.

The secret of success is very simple: get up once more than you fall. Without making a drama out of it. If you assume that it is going well, you will fall less and less.

Read a lot and every day.

Everything you ever need to know is in a book somewhere. Leave the TV on for at least 30 minutes and read instead. The amount of knowledge that one can acquire in the course of one's life is staggering.

Things are easier than you think

Changing your life has a lot to do with doing things differently. Because if you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got.

Many hurdles are huge, complicated and difficult to overcome in your head.

Have you ever wondered that something that you expected to be really difficult was easier than you thought? Between us: That is often the case. You often have problems in your pear that are not there.

There are no errors.

This is the most powerful method when it comes to changing your life.

In fact, a mistake is not just a great learning factor, it's simply feedback that the strategy you used didn't work.

If a door says “push” then the “pull” strategy just won't work. But not because the door is stupid or you just weren't born to open that door.

But simply because you just have to use your effort differently. Just "push" instead of "pull".

Sounds banal and simple. And that's the way life is sometimes.

Review your goals every day.

It is not enough to write down your goals. It is necessary to check them out at least once a day and be aware of them. do. You can have your goals on a piece of paper by your bed and read them when you wake up or go to sleep. Just never forget your personal goals again by making them clear to yourself every day. (Read more about achieving goals here)

Exercise for 30 minutes a day.

A brisk walk can be enough. (Read my article here about the wonderful ritual of 10,000 steps daily) Regular exercise promotes your physical and mental health. You'll look and feel better too. Find something you enjoy and want to do every day. (Tip from me: The app "Seven", with which you can do scientifically sound 7 minutes of exercise every day and get fit in no time, or the book "Looking Good Naked" * - the name says it all)



Meditation is a wonderful way to relieve stress and learn to focus and switch off at the same time. It sounds strange and even unbelievable to someone who doesn't meditate, but meditating daily changes your life profoundly.

Make a to-do list.

Before you go to bed each night, make a list of the most important tasks you want to do the next day. Then put the tasks in order, the most important ones first. You will always spend your day doing the most important tasks first and you will know what to do. This makes the day more productive and at the same time you avoid stress.

Review the day.

You are doing a lot right in your life every day, and a few things don't work that well. If you consciously look back at the end of the day, you can reflect on your successes and failures. On the one hand, you can then make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you will experience more successes and fewer failures in the future. It's simply called: learning from mistakes. (A good tool for this is a success journal.

Eat a healthy breakfast.

The first meal of the day is the most important. Breakfast sets the stage for the rest of the day. An unhealthy breakfast often leads to an unhealthy lunch and dinner. It is also important that you enjoy breakfast and take your time for it. The day should start carefully and mindfully and not breathlessly.

Get up early.

A relaxed start to the day is important, as noted in the point above. Having more time in the morning gives you an incredible amount of quality of life because the hamster wheel is not yet active. Just start to get up 10 minutes earlier, slowly but surely get your body used to it and you will feel a change (read more about why getting up early makes you more successful)

“I want to change my life” is an important decision that can be followed by actions: Give your life the priority it deserves by devoting yourself every day to the rituals that are most important to you, first in the small things, but then also change your life on a large scale.

Take control of your time so it doesn't control you.

Changing lives is not something that works at the push of a button. Make a nice habit of the above items. Not all at once, start with what speaks to you most.

Perhaps you are already doing something of it. If so: more of it! If not, start taking a small step today.

Because as I said: "Things are easier than you think"